What is the medical prognosis of Wayne Rooney recovering in time for the World Cup?

England will be allowed to replace Wayne Rooney in their World Cup squad up until 24 hours before their opening match against Paraguay on 10 June. Rooney suffered a metatarsal injury, a broken bone in his foot. How long can this take to mend?

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England Cricket – another miserable failure, what do they do now?

So once again England have embarrassed themselves with another woeful display against South Africa at the World Cup.

What’s next for England? Do they need new leadership, with the coach and captain making way?

I’d like to see some of the pundits that know what they are talking about (Hussain, Botham) given a chance to mould a winning team. I wonder if they would be up for the (rather difficult) challenge?

What do you think?

Countries mentioned in this Post: South Africa, United Kingdom