Krissi Flatt, 21,died from an adverse reaction to her prescribed medication, what medication was it?

She was 21 years old.
She did not know this medication could kill her.
She did not overdose.
She was taking her prescribed amount.
She did not use illegal drugs.
She was perfectly healthy.
She was your all american girl.
Cause of Death,
Acute Fatal Cardiac Dysrhythmia without pulse, due to toxic effect of …..


It seems that we are only told not to take drugs because they are illegal, but not of the rubbish mixed in with some drugs, where are them warnings?

I’m not saying that drug use is acceptable, but people still use illegal drug, not knowing of exactly what they are taking. I have heard that some of the things mixed into drugs are much more dangerous than the pure drug would be by itself. Such as crushed glass, battery acid, make up, dog worming tablets, pregnancy tablets, talcum powder, flour, baking soda, saw dust, used engine oil, dog muck, shreaded tires, straw, plastic & loads of other things have been added to the various types of drugs to increase the size & weight of the drugs for sale. Only the effects of the pure drugs have had some testing, so there is no reasons why the effects of the rubbish would possibly have been tested, should people be better warned even though the drugs remain illegal?

What does this dream mean?

The first time I had this dream was about three or four weeks ago. It was about me and my mom and sister and we were looking up in the sky and we saw this shady gray cloud in the shape of an angel and the angel blew this glittery gold horn and the sound that came from this horn was SO sweet but loud and as after the horn blew, all the electricity in this house we were in just blacked out. I remeber pulling out my cell phone and I couldn’t even make a phone call. And somehow, (I didn’t know how) I knew, and my mom and sister knew that the rapture or the great tribulation had taken place. And I tried to contact some people on my cell phone and through the internet on my phone but I could never get through to them. But when I got through to the internet on my cell and checked my email, I saw TONS of messages from people I knew who had just emailed me after experiencing the same thing me and my sister and mom just experienced. What does that mean? is it a biblical warning of things to come