Has anyone watched the video – French TV archive releases MCCAIN POW VIDEO on msnbc.com?

The French national archive has posted online extended footage of McCain being interviewed as a bedridden prisoner during the Vietnam War. French reporter Francois Chalais conducted the interview. The video shows McCain shirtless and unshaven smoking cigarettes. Answering questions from Chalais, he spoke about being shot down over Hanoi on Oct. 25, 1967. McCain said "After landing in the lake I was picked up and taken to the hospital." In the interview McCain said he was treated well by his Vietnamese captors. Asked about the food, he told his French interviewer, "It’s not like Paris … (but) I eat it. McCain has told everyone (even in his book ) that he was captured and taken to the war camp and was tortured for 4 days then taken to the Hospital. This video in his own words shows the real truth. He is lying – he also discusses his daddy on the tape so they Vietnamese knew about his father while he was in the hospital. This is one thing that he could not have sealed .http://www.ina.fr


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Everyone knows McCain was a POW in Vietnam, but

how many people know that he took an active role in restoring relations with Veitnam as a U.S. Senator as an advisor to Clinton?


He’s already taken part in making peace with other nations, why is he thought of as a war monger?

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Is it true that John McCain is suffering from Post Dramatic Stress and he is on medication for it?

I heard a news report today that John McCain came home from the Vietnam War suffering from Post Dramatic Stress and that he had to go on medication for it. They also reported that he is still taking that medication and that it might be elevating his raging temper and anger that he has displayed over the years in front of many Republicans and Democratics in the House and Senate. Several people have experienced his temper and rage and now are commenting on it. They are worried about him being commander and chief with his temper. They said that he could push the red button when he is having one of his fits either by accident or on purpose. John McCain is a deranged and dangerous man and he needs therapy. He should not become our next President of the United States. He is unstable. I think the Col. Powell was giving us a warning. Would some of you Vietnam Vets out there please comment on my question.

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Is the McCain camp being straight forward about his past?

Well, no and why should he be? After all it is politics…LOL!
Interesting article I’ve found. Is this the kind of man you want to vote for in November?
Not to be picky, but while praising Ms. McCain for being “perfect,” the details in this CNN report fall short of perfection. John McCain was, as a factual matter, still married and living with his wife in 1979 while, according to The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof, “aggressively courting a 25-year-old woman who was as beautiful as she was rich.” (McCain then divorced his wife, who had raised their three children while he was imprisoned in Vietnam, and launched his political career with his new wife’s family money.) http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/archives/14799.html

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Based on lessons from Vietnam, why are we in Iraq? (See details)

Do we know ourselves?
Do we know our allies?
Do we know our enemy?

Based on the info below, how is Iraq different?

After the Vietnam war, a generation of Americans struggled to absorb the lessons of military intervention without clear motives or objectives. As General Maxwell Taylor, one of the principle architects of the war noted "first, we didn’t know ourselves. We thought that we were going into another Korean war, but this was a different country. Secondly, we didn’t know our South Vietnamese allies …. And we knew less about North Vietnam. Who was Ho Chi Minh? Nobody really knew. So, until we know the enemy and know our allies and know ourselves, we’d better keep out of this kind of dirty business. It’s very dangerous."
Almost 3 million Americans served in Vietnam. Between 1965 and 1973 the United States spent $120 billion on the war. This contributed to a large federal deficit. The war demonstrated that no power, not even a superpower, has unlimited strength and resources. But perhaps most significantly, the Vietnam War illustrated that political will, as much as material might, is a decisive factor in the outcome of conflicts.

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Should it matter that Mr. "straight talk," "honor first" McCain is a serial adulterer?

I only ask because he seems to want to make such a point of painting himself as a completely selfless person whose intergrity is beyond reproach. Of course, the admitted instances of infidelity are 30 years ago, but so is the Vietnam imprisonment that he constantly reminds us of.

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Bush said freedom was a gift from God, so why all the bumper stickers that say freedom is not free?

those bumper stickers get on my nerves…….I know they shouldn’t but they sound like a oxymoron.
wild animals have freedom…..it don’t cost them nothing.

( I support our troops, I have friends that are in Iraq and friends that are vets of Iraq and Vietnam. They have paid the most for the wars and they have been paid the least. I thank all Vets!!!!)
(when did President Bush say that? in his good bye Bush speech last night.)

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Constitution says only Congress can declare war, but USA got into many undeclared wars. Thoughts?

I guess when the Constitution was written, the notion of "undeclared war" didn’t exist? Anyway, since WWII, USA got involved in many wars – Korean, Vietnam, Panama, Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. without any declaration. In your opinion, does this counter the checks and balances that the founding fathers had in mind. Is this a good or bad trend?

Should our Constitution be amended to adjust for the change of time? What should the amendment of Constitution be?

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Is John McCain a victim of PTSD?

While watching the debates, I noticed that John McCain was having a difficult time holding back anger. The grimaces on his face seemed like he needed to vent out his frustrations. I say this from the perspective of a Vet with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) acquired through combat experiences during 20 months in Vietnam. He seemed to be able to control his anger reasonably well during the debate, but it worries me because most Vets with PTSD have a difficult time controlling anger and usually have to vent at some points in our lives. I’m very concerned about this because our next president needs to be a patient person with good control over anger under extremely stressful situations.

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2008 election scenarios… Interesting comparison?

It is ironic that 40 years ago, during the ’68 election. You had to Democrats fighting for the nominee (as is Hillary & Obama). You had a war in Vietnam (currently in Iraq & Afghanistan). You also had 2 assassinations, RFK and MLK with Obama being compared to both. Finally you had a riot at the Democratic convention, just waiting for the convention to happen. And, the final result was that a Republican won the election, namely Nixon. Is history about to repeat itself? 2008 will be a year to remember for sure!

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Why is John Kerry still in office after all the lies he told about Vietnam veterans?

He had a political agenda when he joined the Navy and even more so when he sat before Congress and lied in his testimony. Atrocities did happen on a few occasions but nothing compared to the terror North Vietnamese troops inflicted on the people of South Vietnam. It all culminated in his failed run for president which was why the aristocratic SOB joined the Navy in the first place! Sorry just one of those wounds that don’t want to heal..

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War film taglines.

Can you name the War films from the following Taglines.
1. The epic story of Courage, Honour and Pride.

2. The Great Adventure! The Great Entertainment!

3. In Vietnam the wind doesn’t Blow it Sucks.

4. Out of the Sky comes the screen’s most incredable spectacle of men and war.

5. It Rips open the hot Hell behind the Glory.

6. Beyond Courage, Beyond Honour.

7. The first Casualty of War is Innocence.

8. Honour was Thier Code.

9. Welcome to The Suck.

10. A Dot on the Map. A Motion Picture Adventure as Big as History.

Some easy, some not so, some recent, some not so.

Good Luck.

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How many Americans must die in Iraq before we pull out of there? I’m a Marine Corps Vietnam vet.

Who wants to be the next mother or wife to find their loved one has died in Iraq? I’m a former Marine Captain who served in Vietnam (1967-68).I was trained to kill bad guys. I never liked doing so, even though it was my job. I took 165 Marines to Vietnam and brought them all back with me a year later. I can literally "smell" another Vietnam in Iraq. We need to get out of there before another American serviceman is killed. That is my opinion.

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Somebody please tell me why would a war hero hide his military records? I keep hearing McCain saying

he knows how to fight wars and knows how to win war if he knows how to win wars then he should take the blame for the 4,124 american lives that been lost that he could have saved if he had the ability to win wars and he never made an attempt He obviously did not win Vietnam I am guessing he was shot down as he was diving down to release his bombs if he know then how to win wars why did he not prevent his getting shot down and costing a dam good plane he is a proverbial liar just like the republicans administration

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Are you going to watch Entain. Tonight they are exposing McCain and Anna Nicole Smiths relationship?

Tonight on Entertainment Tonight they are going to show video tapes and reports of John McCain and Anna Nicole Smith relationship. I have no clue what they are going to say – they are just announcing it is on tonight. IT could be nothing but then again you can only guess – considering the facts that he was a regular visitor to those types of establishments and the gambling casino’s before and after coming home from Vietnam. I wonder if he is marred to Cindy or Carol? Well this ought to set off some fireworks amongst the Republicans and the Conservative Christians. Isn’t this show on Fox T.V.? Just more slim to add to his already full bucket. Why would anyone want this unstable and dysfunctional man for President?

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Are the media and Senator Reid traitors in the war of terrorism?

Vietnam vet and decorated soldier Don Lester on talking to a former Viet Cong officer.
I personally met one of the officers in charge of the Vietcong who were fighting in South Vietnam. He said their forces were ready to "surrender" after the 68 Tet Offensive. But, they saw the Media portrayal of young men burning their draft cards and burning the flag. Then, they heard the media portray the Tet Offensive as a success for the Vietcong. He told me the Vietcong resurrected their offensive because they knew that "a nation divided cannot stand".

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Another Good Christian Man?

"McCain married Cindy less than a year after divorcing his former wife of 14 years. His marriage to Carol had been strained by his years of absence, and McCain’s admitted extramarital affairs after returning from Vietnam"

Isn’t it nice to know he feels so entitled that he can screw around on his faithful waiting wife and their 3 kids? God bless him! Another sanctimonious republican! Another great moral leader!

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Why Is It Acceptable For Conservative’s To Outright Insult U.S. Veterans But If A Liberal Even….

Questions A Veteran Then Oh My God They Are A Traitor Or Hanoi Jane Or The Worst Of All UN-AMERICAN?

An earlier question got me a little upset and brought this question up. Some of the highly decorated Veterans that are completely okay to bash are Kerry, Gore, Murtha, and Cleland but it is not okay to ask about AWOL George W. Bush’s military record and ask about his patriotism by not even being able to handle a stateside Guard tour while everyone else was going to Vietnam. The Republicans thought nothing about ridiculing the Purple Heart recipients by wearing purple heart band aides all over their faces during the 2004 Republican Convention. I just find it highly interesting that AWOL George W. Bush is more patriotic than a person who was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Three Purple Hearts. Or a person who lost an arm and both legs due to a grenade. Or of a couple of others who ACTUALLY were in Vietnam. That is just very confusing and hypocritical to me.

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Support our troops is a popular slogan, should support our troops mean paying for the war as we go?

We are the only society in history to have a tax cut as it wages a war. The whole cost of war, all 460 billion to date, is on our children’s credit card. Is that supporting our troops?

The top tax rate for those earning over $200,000 a year during WWII was 94%. During Vietnam the top rate was 91%, during WWI 70% The top tax rate now is 35%. Can we really support our troops if instead of making sacrifices, funding proper armor, approving troop pay raises and providing proper medical care, we keep everything for ourselves–and give more to the already rich?

Speaking of tax rates, it is interesting to note that the top tax rate in the years immediately preceding and including the beginning of the great depression was 25%.

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Is this what closing Gitmo going to do for AMERICA? I spent time in Vietnam to see us capture the

enemy, imprison them, feed them, cloth them, give medical help to them and then to set them free so they that they could come back another day and kill our bothers and sisters in uniform, while they wore none themselves. The war on terror is producing the same type of war criminal, one that attacks from the back, in the night, while having not the same respect to life that we AMERICANS do, they will use children, woman, hospitals, religious locations, schools as cover. Two wrongs do not make one right. But we must learn our enemy and make our actions ones that they understand or we will always be fighting them. They must not only respect us they must fear us, or our system will fall from within. We must be strong and they are not citizens and do not deserve the support the Constitution of the United States provides, they are criminals of WAR on TERROR. They have not earn the support of some liberal lawyer to set them FREE to KILL us another day.

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Prior to the 1980’s had you heard of the faulkland islands/mal vinas?

In school history we covered 1st/2nd ww, teh rise/fall of: Rome, Greece… The monguls etc. Even Cyprus, Vietnam and other "contempory" war zones and colonistic interests… But this sheep-shedding dot. Was a new one on me!


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