What plants do you need to have a special license for before you can cultivate them?

I was listening to a programme about Alnick Castle’s poison garden this morning, and it got me wondering about what plants it is illegal to cultivate, and how you go about getting a license to grow them?

Not planning anything sinister – I can only just about keep five pots of petunias alive, so I’d probably struggle with deadly nightshade – just pure curiosity!

insect repelling plants

I want to enjoy the summer when it comes. Last year we were chewed by the insects in our own back garden but ignored when we were on holiday. Obviously we rubbed ourselves with insect repellant on holiday but not at home. Does any one has ideas for plants that would encourage the predators of biting / stinging insects or plants that would discourage biting / stinging insects.

Did you know that plants are green because they reflect the green light that is superfluous to them? What colours can you imagine exist in plants on other planets?

I read an article this morning which suprised me. I thought photosynthesis in plants made them green. It does, but the thinking behind it has changed. Apparently plants absorb red and blue light and show the green which they don’t require.
This has come about because scientists have done experiments on Earth plants to try and extrapolate what colours plants might be on other planets.

I need a website on the law and cutting back trees overhanging your property can anyone help me please?

My friend has a neighbors who has a 15 year old Magnolia over growing onto his land it is now obstructing his window and satilite dish i need a website with the laws obtaining to how and where you can cut it back if it is overhanging onto your land so i can print it off and show the woman when she freaks at him cutting it back.

Is my money tree dead?

I won a money tree at a baby shower and when i brought it home the leaves looked dehydrated so i watered it. After a few days went by the leaves got worse so i pulled them off to start fresh. Now there are no new leaves coming in, just the winding branches sticking out of the dirt. I believe it is still alive because when you scratch the branch you can see the green wick under it. How can i save my poor little tree or is it hopeless?

Rubber Plant Help please.

Can some-one please help. I have a huge Rubber plant, its really tall, i would like to cut the top off, i have read in all my plant books and nothing shows up re cutting top of rubber plant. Googled it as well, nothing. If i cut the top off, will it kill the rubber plant. Thankyou muchly.

Farmers, gardeners, green tumbers, I call on you!

… to tell me what you call those brown globules pictured on the right (click to enlarge).
Note: I know what they are supposed to be called, I’m just wandering which terms are in common usage. So don’t bother looking this up in Wikipedia.
I’m also wondering how popular those are, so if you are an avid gardener and have never seen those thingies, please let me know also.

Is there really a difference between the types of fertilizers you can use for different plants?

When I go to the gardening store, I see a big variety in the types of fertilizers you can purchase for different types of plants… for citrus, for roses, shrubs, trees, etc…

Is there really a difference in the types of fertilizer ingredients in terms of their effectiveness in working with specific types of plants?

growing loquats. help.

ok, i’ve mentioned before that i bought some loquat fruit from tesco. i ate them and planted the seeds about 6 months ago, not really expecting much to happen, what with being a tropical plant. well i’ve had to repot them 3 times now and they are growing like crazy. they’ve been living outside, but are inside now due to frosts latley. i’ve looked them up on wiki, and yeah they’re easy to grow into a shrub or tree. max size 20 meters. so pretty big. mine are about 6 inches tall and i don’t really want huge plants. of the 15 seeds i plantes, i have 11 young plants. ok there’s the history. but i want to know how/if i can prune them to keep them small. if they need to be fed. what minumum temp’ they should be kept at. and watering during winter, as they are evergreen. i can find info on the plant, but not on growing and care. thanks.

ps, i’d recomend these to anyone. the fruit are like banana and jychee. and the plant is very attractive too. just found out they are toxic with sedative flower scent.


A 5-year-old girl in Florida ate 4 unripe loquats, fell asleep and was difficult to awaken and seemed dazed. After about 2 hours, she was back to normal. There have been instances of poisoning in poultry from ingestion of loquat seeds. The seeds contain amygdalin (which is converted into HCN); also the lipids, sterol, b-sitosterol, triglyceride, sterolester, diglyceride and compound lipids; and fatty acids, mainly linoleic, palmitic, linolenic and oleic. There is amygdalin also in the fruit peel. The leaves possess a mixture of triterpenes, also tannin, vitamin B and ascorbic acid; in addition, there are traces of arsenic. Young leaves contain saponin. Some individuals suffer headache when too close to a loquat tree in bloom, The emanation from the flowers is sweet and penetrating.

Have you ever found a cannibas plant growing in the wild? What did you do? I found one today!

Driving down a Florida highway, I pulled over at a McDonalds, located near a truck stop. I walked my dog, and during that time, saw a very peculiar plant… aghast,, was it, do I dare think so.. well yes it was.. it was what I thought it was. I pulled it up and split the bark. I pointed it out to my kiddo to teach him what it was. He said, that he’s seen this plant before in the woods in our neighborhood that the kiddos play at. Wow, (shaking my head). What would you honestly do? Yeah Yeah, maybe you would have some fun, but isn’t it kinda scary? I worry about someone who might be willing to protect the fields and "crops" they have planted. Might seem funny to stroll across if some drops a seed, but a large crop.. well you never know who is guarding it, and to what lengths they are willing to protect it. In my case, just a simple plant behind the McDonalds parking lot. What would you have done?