teenager problem girl 15

really bad attitude problams, will not help at any time started smoking wants to walk the streets at night jumping out of windows when grounded staying at friends house,saying no when told to come home been out for two nights in trouble at school etc

Song Title/Artist

A male singer, about a father who has no time for a young son. Later on, the grown son has no time for his aging father.
"We’ll get together soon, Dad. We’ll get together soon".

i have a chi inbalance and am having acupuncture with chinese doctorbut cant afford this long term as am not working i dont want antidepressants for wat cud be rest of life they wont correct problem is there any other hormonal test western doctors can do

as cud be immune system related very tired physical pains any help much appreciated as cant find any answers anywhere else and hard understanding chinese doctor vice versa thanks

Physics Q

Harry and Angela look from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is 5.3 m out from the bottom of their building. The balcony is 32.1 m high.

a. How much time would it take a person to fall from the balcony to the swimming pool?