Do you have a name or nickname(or know anyone) related to the time or month you were born?

I know a lil girl that they call boo, because she is born on halloween. Her real name is Lillian, but they’ve always called her boo. She’s 5 now, & she still goes by boo! I wonder if she even remembers her real name! lol As for me, I am just named out of the bible, no nicknames related to the time I was born or anything. Although I was born close to thanksgiving. I guess turkey or cornucopia wasn’t such a good nickname! lol I’m glad!

Do any of you have names (first, middle, or last) that are also names of some kind of product?

I changed my first name because although I love it, a pharmaceutical company suddenly came out with a contraceptive device by that name, same spelling and pronunciation, ten or so years ago. I am in favor of contraception but it was too embarrassing to keep my first name. I had a cat that a family member named after me; the cat is 17 now and she was 7 when I found out about the IUD. I simply pronounce the cat’s name differently.

My name (I will omit my last name to avoid having this Q removed and 50 pts. lost; that’s a rule!) was…


Scan the market. Do you know what Mirena is? (I wonder if there were/are other women named

What name(s) did you "escape"?

What were some of the possibilities your parents discussed and are you glad they didn’t choose them? Do you know what you might have been called if you were of the opposite gender to that which you are?
I was nearly Holly or Paula.
(By the way you don’t have to say what your name actually is if you don’t want to)

Your children’s names:

How did you choose the names of your offspring?
Was it a joint decision, or did you take turns, or what?
Did you go for solid, dependable names or did you go for ones with an air of mystery about them, in an effort to make your children stand out from the crowd?

Do you like your name?

I hate my first name as I was just telling CM.
All my life people have taken the mick out of it, but I never did change it as I couldn’t deside what to change it to. My middle name aint much better, but it a family name so I wouldn’t change it, but don’t want it as a first name.
Do you like your name? I you don’t did you change it or consider changing it?

Recently, we discussed attraction to starsigns. I have yet to ‘meet’ a woman called Christine who didn’t have some quality, physical or otherwise, that I didn’t find attractive. Is there something in a name or is it coincidental?

Please give examples, i.e I always fancy people called Colin or Felicity. I have had ten girlfiends called Belinda or I have not experienced the phenomena you describe, Spiders.

Duff, I know you and Mrs Duff are ‘loves young dream’ but even you must be attracted to other women sometimes…?

There is a serious element of curiosity to this question, so answers that relate to my request will be useful.

The same, but different.

Can you tell me which films these lines are taken from?

1. A prayer is as good as a bayonet on a day like this

2. I’d buy that for a dollar

3. You’re gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder

4. Swike him centuwian, swike him vewy wuffly

5. Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea

How do pharmaceutical companies come up with names for their products?

The commercial names often have little bearing on the contents (exception: Neurofen – brand – contains Ibuprofen).

A few examples include many antidepressants – Fluoxetine (Prozac); and also things like Diazepam (Valium) – the commercial names bear no resemblance to the product and don’t even describe the action, there’s no obvious connection to me! Anyone else?

Have you or would you ever change your name?

I would absolutely love to change my name. My Dad hasn’t spoken to me for a couple of years and my parents got divorced about 8 years ago. I’ve wanted to change to my mum’s surname ever since the divorce. I mentioned this to my mum years ago and she said that I should keep my family name, but I mentioned it the other day and she seemed surprised and almost flattered that I should change my name to hers. I think maybe she understands a bit more from my dad not speaking to me. As for my first name, I have a thing for slightly unusual names as I have the most boring name, but my mum just groans when she hears it. I think she may be offended if I changed the name she gave me, but I have a really strong desire to do it.
Do you think your parents would be distraught if you changed your name?

Can All the people of the Western Hemisphere be considered Americans?

Think this out carefully.
People from the United States are considered Americans and addressed that way yet people from Canada are for the most part addressed as Canadians. People from Mexico are addressed as Mexicans yet they live in Middle America , people from Panama Addressed as Panamanians.
People from Columbia are addressed as Columbians and people from Brazil and Chile are addressed as Brazilians and Chileans in that order even though they are from South America.
Why do people from the United States have solely been dignified with being addressed as Americans when more than likely most were transplanted from other countries.

Cities mentioned in this Post: Middle America
Countries mentioned in this Post: Chile, Canada, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia