What are your opinions about this new "super bug" MRSA? From what I understandd they have

no idea where or what it is. There’s no antibiotics that can fight it. And it will kill you. Supposedly the virus is deadlier than aides, and don’t have the answers to what causes people to get it. Could it be some type of germ warfare? Am I being paranoid? Could I have some opinions on this and what you think is going on. They say this "super bug" can wipe out whole cities in no time at all.

Does brain gum actually work?

Has anyone ever tried it? Or rather has anyone ever died from it? I’m just wondering if it really helps and if there’s something bad in it that can affect you. You always hear of people dying accidentally from the most miniscule things. Just wondering if anyone has tried it. I remeber seeing it on Dateline or one of those shows a while back.

What is more hazardous to health? Smoking or overeating?

Smoking definitely kills, it is proven by many studies, second hand smoking is as bad…

But what about overeating? Overeating results in overweight which in the end can cause obesity and hence can create great health hazard…

Should we put on food packages signs that say: "caution, surgeon general has determined that overeating can cause serious health hazards"?

Not to offend any overweight or smoking people but lack of self control amounts to slow suicide…

Do you agree?

c/o zqwyx

Krissi Flatt, 21,died from an adverse reaction to her prescribed medication, what medication was it?

She was 21 years old.
She did not know this medication could kill her.
She did not overdose.
She was taking her prescribed amount.
She did not use illegal drugs.
She was perfectly healthy.
She was your all american girl.
Cause of Death,
Acute Fatal Cardiac Dysrhythmia without pulse, due to toxic effect of …..


can prescibed medication cause bacteria thru the body?

a friend of mine has been ill for a long time with various things happening to her. of late, she is recouping from her 2nd back surgury. for years she has been on much medication. she is a diabetic. i wonder if because of all the meds she is on, can bacteria be caused from meds? i want to help her in any way possible. she keeps getting this bacteria in her body. not to mention a flu type virus a month ago- 2 times she ran the gambit with that- please advise- ty-karen

Are my sysmptoms dangerous?


I am 24 years old and recently after a very hectic day of siteseeing,I noticed that their were lumps at the back of my ear on both sides.The swelling pains a lot when I touch it.Now I am really worried if that is a form tumor or is it just dehydration due to a heavy day of travel?

Can you please help me with this?

Who is more at-fault: The painkiller addict or the doctor who continues to prescribe them?

I’ve been in pharmacy for about 15 years, and I have seen many doctors write prescriptions for Vicodin, Valium, et al., like they were candy. Perhaps these doctors (quacks) are in it for the money? Maybe they really don’t care, and just want the patient off their backs? Should doctors be held more accountable? What are medical laws like in your state?

How long could the reduction of hearing caused by otitis media last?

I got the flu on friday. By saturday my left ear was in pain. Well I was in pain!
Called the doctor. He came on sat. night to establish that I had an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics.
By saturday night the infection moved to my right ear (which was clear at the time the doctor had a look), and pain again……So i kept going with antibiotics. Now, wednsday morning, in Melbourne, Australia, i’m still deaf…..No pain, but a persistent whistling in both my ears……Should I see a doctor again, or is it normal to be deaf for a few days, or longer? By the way i’m still on the first course of antibiotics.
Thank you, desperate and deaf….and a bit worried….Emanuela


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