What gets you through tough times?

Last week I found out something that has knocked me for six. This is the second time in 2 years that this has happened. I reacted badly the first time but I am determined not to do that this time. I think the fact that it has happened again so soon and the circumstances it has happened under are awful.I feel totally disgusted with the person who is at the root of the problem and don’t feel able to have anything to do with her but this will cause major family problems.
I have my partner and my mum to help me but my mum is torn as she will be caught in the middle.
Does anyone have any tips on how to stay sane?!

How do serial killers get accomplices?

I’ve never understood how more than one person can be involved in serial murders. Were Fred and Rosemary West sat down over a Shepherd’s Pie one day and Fred said "Wish it was made with real shepherds!", Rose says "Me too, where can we find one?", Fred says "What about Neighbour Pie, should we knock one off tonight?", Rose replies "I was going to watch the Bill – can we do it tomorrow?"

Just seems very strange that a twisted psychopath can meet another one so easily!

Where do I find a sensitive, caring, love-able guy? A guy that will actually love me, for me.

I try to get a man, but they all seem to run away. Or, find a way to let me down making me even more hurt.

I want to utterly love the guy and have him love me for me. Don’t try and change me, or say you loved me but didn’t.

I’m hurt, and lonely and I feel empty and I don’t know what to do.
That sounds really child-ish, but it’s true.

Have you ever met someone that was born on the same day as you?

Recently I met someone that was born on the same day as I was born on interestingly we both owned the same car and was born in different years. We had a lot in common has anyone here ever met someone that was born on the same day as they were if not I cant tell you what to do but check out our same birthdays