How is about you "googa"?

The clay flowers have a timeless beautiful and bloom forever.handcraft clay flowers from the finest Thai Modern Clay set them in pottery or attach to oldwood from nature.when looking them you can feel in naturally.

who likes flowers?

I just bought a heritage flower. It’s a white black-eyed susan vine. It’s so pretty. My mom also bought a heritage flower, that is a giant moonlight vine. I can’t wait to see it. We also have three flowerbeds full of flowers.

If we are all scientists (and I believe that we are) what is your field of study?

I think that we are born scientists, and that the courses of our lives just pull many of us away from a natural inclination to investigate and to research the world around us. So…here you go, a scientist you are! What is your area of expertise?
Funtering encouraged!

On ther back of AJ`s question about danedelion seeds, have you ever played "do you or dont you like butter" with a buttercup under your chin?

Thanks Aj, you reminded me of another game we used to play when we were kids.
And that was to see if any of your friends liked butter or not, whilst holding a Buttercup flower under each others chins. (course now i know it was just the shadow and way people were standing /sitting.).
Have you ever played any games similar to thsi with other flowers. EG. making Daisy chains?

On the back of thr sad question of R/potatos question, re funerla flowers, who said we have to have flowers at a funeral?

Why do we have flowers at a funeral? why not vegatables? you can get some pretty veggies, some lovely coloured lettuce leaves ect, also i got a herb garden and some of the herbs are lovely and colourful. so why flowers are used at funeral?
Me i dont go with traditon, so i think for when my time is up, i have a wreath made up of vegatables. (N.B. this is not in anyway meant to be in bad taste. Just an idea.)