When is the word troops used vs. the word soldiers?

This question just crossed my mind today as I was listening to NPR. They had a story in which they said something like "5 troops were involved…" Why not say "5 soldiers?"

While I’m at it… is it ever appropriate to say "1 troop?" And is troop the same as trooper?

I’m not looking for conversation here. I’m looking for information that will help me to use the English language appropriately!

Do you think if you tell someone "Don’t take offense but.." they prepare themselves to take offense?

I saw a very good quesiton today with the words "Please don’t take offense but…" in the title…and it was sucessful…no one really took offense…but it made me wonder if more people get offended just by hearing the words "Don’t take offense BUT…" Before a statement.

Do you think that it alerts you more that what they are about to say is something you SHOULD get offended by? Especially with the use of "but" which always negates whatever comes before it??

Would we be better off just going for it and saying what we want to say to the person without the opening "no offense" statement….because, sometimes we are going to say what we want to say regardless of the other persons levels of "offense" or not! (this applies to big mouths and nincompoops like me)

(inspired by a great question from a great q&a’er)

What is one great thing, about knowing the English language?

i like the fact that you can put people from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK in the same room and besides the minor, differences in words and spellings and meanings, everyone can pretty much understand everything everyone says.

so wouldnt that really make, all English speaking countries, just English then????

what is the one thing you like about the English Language?

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How did "dick" come to be a vulgarism for the male human … well, you know.

I am curious about its etymology, and especially puzzled as to what made this epithet so popular in American English.

NB, the only explanation I have found so far is that "dick" used to mean "chap, fellow" in British English, but that wouldn’t explain how the expression came to rise to stardom in the USA.

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What really frost me (It’s getting worst) almost every time you make a phone call someone jabbers in

Spanish at you. What really gets me when they say for English press #1 (For this I pay my phone bill every month) I say F##K out loud to vent my anger!
Ex. Pre. Bill Clinton passed a law anyone receiving federal funds(big brother) must proved a Foreign interpreter on our taxpayers money.
Obama is against making English The Official Language Of The USA. Why does he want to waste our money in these hard times. Or does he care more to get the Latino vote more than we taxpayers?

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Do you consider STUPIDITY a Moral or Character Defect?? Why?

Ok. First, laugh…. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Then seriously, what is "STUPIDITY" in your personal dictionary? (e.g., its characteristics, symptoms, levels of severity…, from any angle – behavioral, psychological, mental, philosophical, political ….) – let’s try leave out religion, but if you can’t, lay it out "nicely". 😉

Next and most importantly, Can STUPIDITY be considered a moral or character defect, like, say, sex addiction (whose acting-out may include philandering, spreading STDs, bigamy, Bill Clinton, oops, etc.)

Lastly, If you consider it a moral or character defect, how curable is it, what are the suggested cures?

**[Side note – We are all stupid with different characterizes and severity, so let’s just pretend to leave ourselves out temporarily ;)]

Be creative, fire it out at me 😉

how can i shorten the following sentences?

how can i shorten the following sentences? 1. He was discovered as he inadvertently, without intending to, moved a branch as he sat in the tree to wait for the enemy soldiers to walk beneath his position and be trapped by his sniper’s fire. 2. Widespread panic exists throughout the region over the possiblity that should the river crest over the bank there would be the possibility of extensive damage to many homes and the property of citizens. 3. A recommendation that the Senate accept the terms of the proposed treaty was made by the President in his address to that body. 4. The attorney for the defense appeared on the steps of the courthouse and told the press that his convicted client was found unfairly guilty. 5. Upon reading the side panel, she read that the contents of the food included ingredients to which two of the children were both allergic.

What is the meaning behind this poem?

AWAY – By Robert Frost

Now I out walking
The world desert,
And my shoe and my stocking
Do me no hurt.

I leave behind
Good friends in town.
Let them get well-wined
And go lie down.

Don’t think I leave
For the outer dark Like Adam and Eve
Put out of the Park.

Forget the myth.
There is no one I
Am put out with
Or put out by.

Unless I’m wrong
I but obey
The urge of a song:

Who can give me a correction of this english text?

Dear Sandra,

At first thank you for all information you have send to me at your last e-mail. I was very pleased to hear this good news. But why do you make so much overtime at Christmas. May it’s better if you wouldn’t spend all your money for parcels and other Christmas stuff. Some years ago I also hat this problem because my whole family and all my friends have given me a sign. Now I know that they only wanted to be polite and wanted to show me their love. But when I was younger I saw it like an obligation. I recommend you to avoid the big expensive things. People who love you don’t expect huge parcels, the only want to know that you haven’t forgot them. Within the family it’s also comment to give something with is self-made. On the other hand you also have to take care about the hidden traps at shops. May you don’t understand what I’m talking about, because many people don’t see the tricks of business managers. If you remind to your last purchase you’ll recognize that the whole atmosphere is so astonishing and friendly that a shopping tour at Christmas is like being in the factory of Santa Clause. All the songs and Christmas stuff in the windows gives you the feeling of being welcome. Therefore it’s much easier to spend much more money than planned for useless stuff. It’s a misbelieve that products are accidentally on their place. The whole assortment is manipulated. All the fruits are sorted and combineted with other fruits, which enforce the beautifulness of their color and make them looking more delicious. Mostly theire are mirrors on the walls to multiplicate the fruits. You’ll get the impression to be in front of hundreds of good smelling and beautiful bananas and apples, which are looking hypnotically. I recommend you to close your eyes and run as fast as you can when see some fruits. No, just a joke but if you want to spare money you should know that there are often many tricks behind them. My personal rule is to write a shopping list because then you only buy the things on your list.

The English language has changed a great deal over the last few hundred years and will continue to change. do you think it changes because someone thinks of a better way to say or spell something or is it because people get sloppier with their grammar an

One thing that annoys me about sloppy English is when I hear people, who are in positions where they should understand the difference, saying "fewer" when they should say "less" and vice versa.
I also mourn the demise of the word "that" – without this word it is sometimes necessary to wait until the end of the sentence before the actual meaning is clear.
Probably only someone who keeps there "that"s in will know what I mean!