Anyone know of any distributed network search application?

Like, desktop search applications, but the search is distributed across all computers in a network, and the initiating computer just aggregates the result. I was thinking of developing one. Just trying to find out if this has already been done, so that I do not waste time. With Vista already having <a href="">federated search</a> just the <a href=>Windows search</a> APIs need to be used to initiate the search, as well as to connect to all computers in the network in parallel and federate the search. Eveything else has already been done by Microsoft. In fact, it can be combined with <a href="">PNRP</a> and a distributed, peer-to-peer search service can be up and running with very little effort.

Which is the best internet phone service?

I’m looking into buying an internet phone and would be interested to hear anyone’s opinions or recommendations about different companies. I need it to be able to work on a Mac and so far I’ve found out that the Tesco internet phones’ software doesb’t support it. I don’t really understand how they work either so a very basic explanation would be greatly appreciated!

Fax Setup

I have a phone line and broadband. My new Dell photo all in one 964 printer has a fax facility on it. Do I need to contact my phone line provider and pay for a fax service or can I simply hook my phone line up to the printer and start Faxing? If so where do I get my Fax number from?

Computer Interfacing Question

I have no experiance with computer interfacing. I have studied basic electronics in a-level physics and as a module in a btec engineering corse.

I am a fast learner and I would like to have a go as a personal project. I have a project in mind and the sort of thing I would like to achive is to build a device with a small lcd screen and I would like to be able to load images onto it via USB.

Where do I start? What would your estimate of the costs for such a project be? Is there software for designing the circuits or parts I can buy? Can I design parts and have them made?

If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you for your time.

Installation problems

Ive purchased Driver Genious Pro but Im having problems installing it and other software too. When I try to install a box opens up with Smartsound Quicktracks Plugin in the blue header. In the box it say’s (Please wait while windows configures smartsound quicktracks plugin. A new box then opens and say’s (The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click on OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package ‘smartsound quicktrack plugin.msi’ in the box below). When I press cancel a new box opens and say’s (error 1706. no valid source could be found for product smartsound quicktracks plugin. The windows installer cannot continue).
I will appreciate any suggestions as this is a big problem for me. Thanks in advance!

How to share two monitors

Hi i was wondering apart from the obvious get a graphic card that has two vga ports or one vga and one dvi with adaptor, how can i run two monitors off one vga port

i know there are solutions available such as kvm or a Monitor VGA Y Splitter Cable Lead but what are the advantages and disadvnatages to these solutions

thanks for any help

Repairs on Packard Bell Easynote L4 Laptop Keyboard

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix a broken single letter on the above keyboard?

On a friend’s laptop, the letter ‘S’ decided to take a holiday on the other side of the room and she can’t figure out how to get it back on..

This question needs to be answered rather rapidly, but any wierd wonderful and wacky ones will be taken in good humour too!

Setting up a home network.

I have ethernet cable (cat5e) throughout the house with double RJ45 sockets in every room.
The cabling goes back to a patch-panel in my kitchen, where the main phone line comes into it. As I want to set up a wired network, I’m assuming I need a wired router linked to my DSL modem, a network switch, and pc network cards for each pc (3). With my main pc in the study where the DSL modem, and printer is, and another 2 pc’s in other rooms, the only question I have is what cables do I need, and how do I set the network up.
Any help would be gratefully received.

how can i speed up downloading on my pc?

i run windows xp home edtion with a computer of average specs i would say (pentium4 3ghz 1g ram…)
my internet connection is half a mb – 512kb (i cant get any faster as bt still hasnt upgraded the phone lines in my area)
but when i download things they download at very slow speeds – 5kb/s upto 40kb/s which for my connection is very slow
anybody know why this is or expieriancing (cant spell i know) a similar problem ?
thanks !

:-) and ;-o and :- * and :-x and :-( Is there a world-wide generally accepted agreement as to what these emoticons mean? Any site devoted to them? One that gives their meanings and nuances?

They seem to have been around since year

Must have had an inventor?

🙂 is easy enough – but what are the accepted meanings of some of the more obscure ones?

And while on the subject, what about all these pml and lmao etc etc?

Problems loading S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl on to my PC!

I have installed the game, adjusted system requirements accordingly and the title screen pops up when I click on the desktop icon to start playing the game. After a message saying ‘please wait’ appears for a few seconds, an error message appears saying a crash has been detected and the system has saved a log of this error. However, this happens everytime I click the icon, so I have not been able to access the game! I have looked through the user guide, read me documents and web links but am still clueless! Please help!


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Countries mentioned in this Post: Ukraine

how can i split up a .dmg file from windows xp ? or how can i put a file from xp to a drive formatted with mac osx ??

ive got i .dmg file on my xp system, and i need to transfer it across to my mac. its around 6gb and the largest memory stick i have is 4gb, so im in a bit of a pickle. does anybody have any ideas?

however, i have a 500gb drive, which i could put it on there and move it across to my mac, but it is formatted with mac file system, so my xp system doesnt recognise it. so if there is anyway that i could put the .dmg file onto the drive without formatting it with fat32 or something then that would be great.

so if anyone has any ideas im well gratefull
please help!!!!!!!