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  1. OK, couldn't find the exact start address you gave, but using just the end of Las Vegas blvd, it would take 23 hours and 40 mins (roughly), 1589 miles.

    Use to generate routes like that 🙂

    Find the route here:

    Estimated Total Driving Time: 23 hours, 40 minutes
    Estimated Total Driving Distance: 1589 miles
    Total Number of Steps: 15

    Step Directions Distance
    1 You are at 100-1097 Las Vegas Blvd N,Las Vegas,NV.

    2 Go SW on NV-604 (Las Vegas Blvd) for 330 feet 0.1 miles

    3 Bear right on ramp to I-515 N (US-93 N, US-95 N, Las Vegas Expwy) 0.3 miles

    4 Continue on I-515 N (US-93 N, US-95 N, Las Vegas Expwy) 0.5 miles

    5 Exit on ramp at exit 76B to I-15 N (US-93 N) 0.4 miles

    6 Continue on I-15 N (US-93 N) 242 miles

    7 Exit on ramp at exit 132 to I-70 E 0.5 miles

    8 Continue on I-70 E 1100.3 miles

    9 Continue onto I-670 E (ALT I-70 E, Jay B Dillingham Memorial Hwy) 4.1 miles

    10 Continue onto I-70 E (US-40 E, George Brett Super Hwy) 239 miles

    11 Bear right onto off-ramp at exit 242 to Jennings Station Rd 0.2 miles

    12 Turn left onto Jennings Station Rd 0.7 miles

    13 Turn right onto Emma Av 0.6 miles

    14 Turn left onto Era Av 0.1 miles

    15 You are at 5550 Era Ave,Saint Louis,MO

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