If i fit a new hard drive in my pc

do the back up discs i made when first got pc contain all the windows programms or will i have to buy a new copy?

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  1. They may have the programmes, but if you have changed any configurations since you got the PC, then you will lose any changes.

    If you have bought a new hard drive because the old one got too full, you could always set the new drive as a slave and move all your documents and photos onto the new drive, then the programmes would still run from the old one but you'd have loads more storage space. That's what I did.

    Alternatively, if you just want one hard drive, you can use a hard disc duplicator piece of software to make an exact copy of your old drive as it is now onto the new drive – I've also done that successfully with another larger drive.

  2. Backup disks that you made yourself will most likely not have windows.

    Most backup is for your documents and files not the operating system. Also if you are installing Windows onto a clean disk you will likely need the product key.

    I would try adding the new drive as a slave (as suggested by duffield1).

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