Is top Clinton supporter Gov. Spitzer, D-governor of NY going to resign over his link to callgirls?​&hp&oref=slogin
"The man described as Client 9 in court papers arranged to meet with a prostitute who was part of the ring, Emperors Club VIP, on the night of Feb. 13. Mr. Spitzer traveled to Washington that evening, according to a person told of his travel arrangements.
The affidavit says that Client 9 met with the woman in hotel room 871 but does not identify the hotel. Mr. Spitzer stayed at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on Feb. 13, according to a source who was told of his travel arrangements. Room 871 at the Mayflower Hotel that evening was registered under another name."


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Have you ever wondered how many questions, comments, and answers one posts represents how much one

talks in life?

i post lots of questions. lots of answers and comments to. and in real life, once i feel comfortable around you i can talk your head off (my mom jokes that she misses when i was little and i had to see a speech therapist because i wouldnt talk, and now sometimes she wishes i would just stop talking).

i admit i talk too much (runs in the fam)….

have you ever wondered?

I found out that my husband is on apx 10 internet dating sights. He said he is not cheating…

He said that he is only looking at the pictures. He has Erectile Dysfunction, but I have also found that he has ordered ED medication on the internet. I don’t know if this is normal or not. He is 55 yrs. old and his profile say’s he likes young, petite woman. Your thoughts please.

What are some things I can ask other than "how are you"?

I feel like I’m not getting anywhere when I just ask my friends on email, "how are you?" and leaving it at that. It doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. What are some things I can ask so we can get a convo going via email. I know them pretty well, it just seems like things haven’t really moved passed the "how are you’s? lately.

Sample conversation:
Me: How are you?
Her: Doing well!. You?
Me: I’m good…

What next???

Name your favorites in the list below? Describe and explain.

A) Favorite child’s movie for a boy
B) Favorite child’s movie for a Girl
C) Favorite movie for a teenage boy
D) Favorite movie for a teenage girl
E) Favorite movie for an adult Female
F) Favorite movie for an adult Male
G) Favorite movie for a family

I want to give DVD’s for Christmas Stocking Stuffers to my nephews, neices, my kids, and others too. Looking for suggestions of movie that would fit the catagories above. Name as many as possible in each catagory, because I have plenty of each type of family members in those catagories(LOL). Also, discribe the movie in case I have not seen it, does not have to be long.

Thanks for the help and suggestions,


Who here thinks that Sarah Palin was the deciding factor in McCain’s loss?

The election is over, so serious answers or skip this question. I believe McCain has the knowledge to be a good President, But did his age, his campaign, his adds or Sarah Palin mortally wound his chance? Was it a combination of them all? I believe that Palin was the mortal wound, but i could be missing something that hampered McCain more than Palin?

Why should anybody vote for the democrats when they go on vacation rather than energy votes?

Failure of the House Nancy Pelosi has taken off for vacation instead of conducting votes on energy prices. The liberals promissed lower gas prices, but they haven’t lifted a finger to do so. Why should we vote for this do nothing, colossal failure, CORRUPT liberals in congress.

The House is OURS Nancy, NOT YOURS. Who’s the fascist now?

Should this be prosecuted as a hate crime?

A man from India (living in Alabama) killed his daughter because she refused honor the marriage that was arranged for her in Pakistan. The young woman was 25 years old. Her father strangled her. If she hadn’t been Indian, her father wouldn’t have killed her. Is this a hate crime? Should it be punished any more severely than any other murder?

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Do you agree with this statement from Obama’s position papers?

"Bring People Out of the Shadows: America has always been a nation of immigrants. There are millions of people living in the shadows who would like to fully embrace our values and become full members of our democracy. For the millions living here illegally but otherwise playing by the rules, we must encourage them to come out of hiding and get right with the law. Barack Obama supports a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, not violate the law, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens."

How can someone here illegally get right by the law? Wouldn’t that mean they’d go home? Is this amnesty? For or agin???

Why aren’t the two presidential hopefuls in the Senate this week….

to address the very most important issue our country’s had on the table since the 1930’s? Do you think they should be "present?" Each talking to Congress? In four months, one of them will be the President of the United States. Should they be out stumping? Or in Congress representing their constituents?

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Multiple hotmail accounts with only 1 Windows ID?

Okay "nerds" and "geeks" *LOL* (only joking of course)
I REALLY need some input pertaining to my options in regards to having multiple E-mail accounts; POPing into Outlook and NOT having to pay for THREE separate hotmail accounts (to POP).
Right now we have two accounts in and want ALL of our accounts in hotmail. Do we HAVE to have multiple Window’s ID’s to accomplish this? And on top of that, then we’d have to pay for the $20 some a year PER account????
Help me out please!!!!!!
Thanks in advance. :c)

how can i remove album art from songs in windows media player 11?

my entire music library got screwed up with the wrong album art, so i
went into my music folder, told it to show all hidden/system files, and
deleted every hidden album art file in all of my music. nothing really
changed in media player though, all the art is still there and a few
album arts came back out of nowhere. i want to delete all the art and
then redownload new art because when i sync to my new Creative Zen, all
the album art is messed up.

Wireless Internet not working…

I’m running Vista Home Basic. In services.msc, two of the requirements for WLAN Autoconfig are Native Wifi Filter and NDIS Usermode I/O Protocol. Both of those are disabled and are not in the Services window.
When I try to connect to the internet, it says "Windows Wireless Service isn’t started. Click here to start." I click it, and then it says "Windows Wireless Service cannot be started.
Thanks for the help.

Joe Lieberman asked Democrats to cross party Lines do you think he still has the clout he once had?

I am not so sure on this one either Lieberman crossed party lines and ran as an independent to regain his stature after losing with Al Gore he couldn’t get the nomination of the party from the Democrats in his own state.
I understand he is still well liked in his own state and all that because he did get re-elected as an Independent.
One more question do you think he should turn Republican because the Dems may not ever take him back after this?

How to renew Live OneCare without clicking Renew Button; will buying a new CD work?

I have Live OneCare, but I want to try Kaspersky w/Comodo Firewall trials instead. If I uninstall OneCare, which I have synced to my live ID, then will I be able to use the same ID on a brand new CD of OneCare I buy from the store?

This is only if I choose OneCare over Kaspersky and Comodo.

A better solution would be how can I change the settings to make onecare not turn on at startup and nag me about renewing the subscription?

What do you think about this?

A sign in the Washington State Capitol building is making a lot of people in this state and the nation very unhappy, it says, "There are no gods, no angels, no heaven or hell, there is only our natural world, religion is but myth and superstition."

Do you think something like this should be displayed in a public building?
What should they do differently?

What Do You think about the Grandfather Paradox?Is Time Travel Really Possible?

Suppose a man traveled back in time and killed his biological grandfather before the latter met the traveller’s grandmother. As a result, one of the traveller’s parents (and by extension, the traveller himself) would never have been conceived. This would imply that he could not have travelled back in time after all, which in turn implies the grandfather would still be alive, and the traveller would have been conceived, allowing him to travel back in time and kill his grandfather.