Hi everyone, everytime I try to send a message from work I come up with this error code…any ideas?

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: ‘mail1.enter.net’, Server: ‘smtp.enter.net’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10053, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F
I get this message everytime I try to send a message at work. Now, I am able to send messages at home, which kind of tells me that there is something wrong with the server at my office….is this correct…how do i fix it???

can not pick up pop 3 the servers keep disconecting.

i’m using outlook express 6 and have ie 7 on winxp home, but it does not matter what connection i use the land line or the new wireless modem they just won’t connect now and they were last thursday. on 5/12/2007 so what happened. here is the error it does no good for me? maybe one of you knows?
Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: ‘POP3.email.msn.com’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F

Why do you think Huckabee continues to stay in the race, if its impossible to be the GOP nominee?

Is there a real possibility, however remote, that he could pull off a victory to the nominee race? If so, then please explain.

And if there isn’t any chance, then why tax his resources, family-life and energy in order to remain in the race? Also, what benefit are supporters of Huckabee expecting, if the recipient of their vote cannot win?

do you live in New york and you believe in Jesus christ?

Leave New York city, first of all New York and LA are the sodom and gomorah of this generation, they will be destroyed, whether it by flood or Fire, or atomic blast. If people will not repent like the city of nehemiah, they will be destroyed.
and truthfully I hope Seattle is destroyed too. there is too much criminal activity, too much witchcraft(s) and too many secret combinations in this nation to be called a Nation under God.

New york

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Did you live in the house that made America Famous?Were we really lazy long hairs?

What Made America Famous
by Harry Chapin
It was the town that made America famous.
The churches full and the kids all gone to hell.
Six traffic lights and seven cops and all the streets kept clean.
The supermarket and the drug store and the bars all doing well.

They were the folks that made America famous.
The local fire department stocked with shorthaired volunteers.
And on Saturday night while America boozes
The fire department showed dirty movies,
The lawyer and the grocer seeing their dreams
Come to life on the movie screens
While the plumber hopes that he won’t be seen
As he tries to hide his fears and he wipes away his tears.
But something’s burning somewhere. Does anybody care?

We were the kids that made America famous.
The kind of kids that long since drove our parents to dispair.
We were lazy long hairs dropping our, lost confused, and copping out.
Convinced our futures were in doubt and trying not to care.
We lived in the house that made America famous.
It was a rundown slum, the shame of all the decent folks in town.
We hippies and some welfare cases,
Croweded families of coal black faces,
Cramped inside some cracked old boards,
The best that we all could afford
But still to nice for the rich landlord
To tear it down and we could hear the sound
Of something burning somewhere. Is anybody there?

We all lived the life that made America famous.
Our cops would make a point to shadow us around our town.
And we love children put a swastika on the bright red firehouse door.
America, the beautiful, it makes a body proud.

And then came the night that made America famous.
Was it carelessness or someone’s sick idea of a joke.
In the tinder box trap that we hippies lived in someone struck a spark.
At first I thought I was dreaming,
Then I saw the first flames gleaming
And heard the sound of children screaming
Coming through the smoke. That’s when the horror broke.

Something’s burning somewhere. Does anybody care?
It was the fire that made America famous.
The sirens wailed and the firemen stumbled sleepy from their homes.
And the plumber yelled: "Come on let’s go!"
But they saw what was burning and said: "Take it slow,
Let’em sweat a little, they’ll never know
And besides, we just cleaned the chrome." Said the plumber: "I’m going alone."

He rolled on up in the fire truck
And raised the ladder to the ledge
Where me and my girl and a couple of kids
Were clinging like bats to the edge.
We staggered to salvation,
Collapsed on the street.
And I never thought that a fat man’s face
Would ever look so sweet.

It was the scene that made America famous.
If not the love that made America great.
You see we spent the rest of that night in the home of a man I’d never known before.
It’s funny when you get that close it’s kind of hard to hate.

I went to sleep with the hope that made America famous.
I had the kind of a dream that maybe they’re still trying to teach in school.
Of the America that made America famous…and
Of the people who just might understand
That how together yes we can
Create a country better than
The one we have made of this land,
We have a choice to make each man
who dares to dream, reaching out his hand
A prophet or just a crazy God damn
Dreamer of a fool – yes a crazy fool

There’s something burning somewhere.
Does anybody care?
Is anybody there?

What are the current apologies for believing the Exodus story?

Life leaves evidence behind, be it pollen, coprolites, broken pottery, or skeletons. 600,000 men wandering around a desert for 40 years would leave literally 1,000s of tons of evidence, yet we find absolutely no evidence of this journey. When coupled with the lack of physical evidence and its supernatural overtones, it is a story that really does not warrant belief.

What are the current apologies that are being used nowadays to justify believing in the extremely difficult to believe story of the Exodus? Are there any apologies that are worth investigating?

Where can I find help for a waoman who needs insurance cheepfor herself?

My daughter took in two children. She ha insurance for their health, but they need braces which are not covered. She says she need medical care but does not qualify for medical or medicare. She also needs insurance on her home and car. Do you know of a group that will help her get through. She works but doesn’t know how to find cheap insurance. If you have a lin please help me help her find the insurance company.

What do you think of this quote?

"God says do what you wish, but make the wrong choice and you will be tortured for eternity in hell. That sir, is not free will. It would be akin to a man telling his girlfriend, do what you wish, but if you choose to leave me, I will track you down and blow your brains out. When a man says this we call him a psychopath and cry out for his imprisonment/execution. When god says the same we call him loving and build churches in his honor." – William C. Easttom II