We are supposedly a nation of complainers but do any of you actually stand up for your rights and why?

I ask because I bought a fresh joint of pork yesterday and after refrigerating overnight I have come to cook it today and it is completely rancid. I was going to just bin it but my mother has taken it on as her next mission to get my money back. I’m useless at complaining as I feel as if I am in the wrong.

So do you complain for Britain and stand up for your rights or do you just do anything for a quiet life?

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How do you deal with your anxieties and stressful situations?

I have to take my dog to the vet to have biopsies as they think he has a tumour in the leg. I’m not coping very well with the stress and worry of it today as I talk alot when I’m anxious thus the amount of questions this morning just to try to forget.

I tend to deal with confrontational angst by maniacial laughing but it is nervousness rather than finding the situtaion amusing.

So how do you deal with different stressful situation, when meditation is not an option?

Do you think Ian Brady should be allowed to starve himself to death?

Ian Brady is wanting to be allowed to starve himself to death, he has always said he never wants to be released from prison.
Do you think he should be allowed to do this?

Because of his crimes he could never be released into society, I believe he should be allowed to die but not by starving himself.
I think he should be asked if he would like a leathal injection. On a plus side think of the money that would be saved by not having to keep him in prison until he dies naturally.

Do you feel an affinity with one specific place, one place you feel is home?

Even if you dont reside there. Personally as soon as I hit Leigh Delamere on the M6 I feel like I am going home and Manchester is home even though I havent lived there since I was a kitten. To you ahve a similar feeling?


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Do you know of something that will help me to sleep?

My body clock is all over the place at the moment. I am working night shift 8pm until 8am.
After shift I have a shower and chill out for an hour or two. When I go to bed I am falling asleep right away, I sleep for 3 to 4 hours then wake up and can’t get back to sleep.
This means I am constantly tried.
I am eating normal, have no stress or worries, just can’t sleep any longer than 3 to 4 hours.

Is Written Abuse Illegal and how far can someone take it (i.e Court etc)??

I’m not the type of person that is usually abusive, so please let me justify myself before you pass any judgement:
I’m in 6th form now at the all girls school (loving it!!) just across from my old school (the all boys school), they have a shared 6th form (when it says ‘Shared’ it really means that all the oiks from my old school get to use all of the facilities of my new school). Anyway more to the point I descided to go to my old school to thank my old form tutor (lovely bloke and probably the only decent thing about my old school), when the evil head of 6th form at my old school told me, ‘your not a pupil here anymore! You shouldnt be on the school premisis!’ (even though all of the people from my old school virtually always hang around the hillview common room (Ok so it doesnt seem much, but believe me I have had to fight an uphill battle to get the results I wanted (5A*s, with minimal help from the apparently ‘supportive’ teachers) so this was the last straw)).
I really want to show that cow what I think of her and thought that writting a nasty letter highlighting all her faults, was slightly better than keying her car.
So what can I do in a letter of abuse (I wont be swearing….alot) and do you have any suggestions??


Is there such a thing as a ‘fresh’ mocha?

Starbucks always us a syrup for the chocolatey bit of their mocha, but Costa Coffee merely chuck in a spoonful of hot chocolate powder, which I always think is a bit of a cheat – what is the point of using freshly ground coffee and adding a long-life powdered chocolate?

Is there such a thing as a fresh mocha? Is it better to add grated chocolate, hot chocolate powder or chocolate syrup?

To you which is the most important sense and which one would be the most hard to lose?For example you were in an accident and lost either your sight/sense of smell/taste/touch etc?

Personally it is my sense of touch that I feel is my strongest and most missed sense, I am very tactile by nature and with the loss of feeling I cant feel things the way I used too, re smoothing my cats is not the same as with my left side I cant feel the fur at all and my right side it is dull, so I miss the feeling of smoothing my pusscats properly. If you were in a position where you lost a sense which one would you struggle most to cope without?

Gordon Brown this morning at the conference has solved all the nation’s problems in one stroke. He’s raising the minimum…..

….wage, child credit, subsidising students up to the age of 21, improving care for elderly or infirm, …..the list goes on and on, life is going to be great for everyone from now on. where do you think this money is going to come from because he hasn’t mentioned that.
Maybe he’ll get it from the fines handed out to parents who don’t supervise their children, which is one of his ideas for stopping crime amongst young people? Unfortunately, many of those parents are already poor and have no chance of paying fines.
He also is going to give teachers new powers to confiscate weapons – can you imagine them wresting a knife from an aggressive pupil?
I think he’s living in a dream world and all the respect I had for him has gone down the drain.

Having major mouse issues: My mouse and keyboard are remote, they had new batteries last week, yesterday they worked fine but today they do not work very well at all-in fact pretty much alternatively and everytime I want to use the device I am having to

press connect first, have checked it is plugged in etc, done a couple of restarts etc, cant think of what else may be the problem, the mouse and keyboard are logitech. Any suggestions?