faulty goods

i bought a pair of jeans 5 months ago i havnt worn them very much and when i have i have had them turned up at the cuff. when i put them on today with heels for the first time i noticed that the left leg has quite obviously been cut wrong as the side seam twists right round towards the front and no matter how much you twist it back it still returns to the centre front. I still have the reciept for this item but am i still ablr to return it 5 months after purchase?

Do you think this was appropriate? And in the spirit of the event?

At the Saddleback forum — quote: "The Obama campaign made an aggressive sales pitch at the event, distributing a 12-page booklet to the 2,200 people who streamed through Saddleback’s doors that chronicled the candidate’s "Christian journey" and his long relationship with Warren."


Is WW2 approaching?

Islamofascists are on the offensive more and more.
All the terror groups and chaos.
Here’s a good article on India;
I had a previous question pertaining to this that was not very much addressed as well.

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Can i stop this guy from parking see below

Think culdesac your looking up as you approach the top you notice there is 1 corner on the left and 1on the right.This is also classed as a junction with no markings a guy parks his car just as the corner goes straight but it is still within 32 feet of the junction.And is opposite a driveway where my car is on the drive i find it difficult at times to get out/or get on my drive i have spoken to this man regarding the problem all he does is laugh.

did any one see the program today about all the homeless children in the united states ?

i watched a special today about the homeless children some had parents and some where just abandoned ,i could not believe we had that many children with no home …whats happening here this isnt right …im not being a racist ,i swear ,but should we take care of this problem first before we help anothers country ..illegals is what im trying to avoid saying..God bless America……

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MSN Messenger Animated Display Picture Uploads — Not Working

I created a gif animation for a Messenger Display picture. The animation didn’t work after I tested it in the MSN Messenger itself. It was suggested that I use Flash format to make it work. I tried to upload it, but only jpeg and gif are accepted and nothing else. The gif file works great alone, but as a part of the gallery.live.com or messenger display picture it is idle. What could be the problem? How can you tell if it works for Gallery.live.com Messenger or not?

How do I play an animated gif in a VB6 picture box?

I’ve been working on a MMORPG in VB6 and I made a nice main menu for it. The only problem is that I don’t know how to play an animated GIF in VB6. It can either be in a picture box or in the background, but I just want the animation to play on the form. If someone knows of a converter from GIF to something compatible with VB6 that would be awesome too…

Should McCain reign in his supporters on television and the radio with regard to race and ethnicity?

The Republican perspective is being spouted far more than Democratic ideals. Fox News is saturated with their point of view on tv, along with fourteen hours a day of radio promotions. Glen Beck 9-3, Rush Limbaugh 12-3, Sean Hannity 3-6, Michael Savage 6-9, and Neil Bortz 9-11. Although it may be true that Obama is inexperienced, McCain has no experience with meaningful change in Washington. He is merely experienced with twenty-six years of the status-quo, therefore both candidates are starting with "thin" resumes. When Limbaugh and Hannity both droned on over the unsubstantiated allegation that Obama planted a note in the Wailing Wall during his trip to Israel so it could be found later and establish his true identity as a christian that is a direct implication that he is being associated with Islam. So, Obama attended Reverend Wright’s church. Bill Cosby attended the million man march in Washington when Louis Farrakhan was a keynote speaker. Should McCain be tied to the Keating Five?


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Can someone help me with some garnening tips please?

Our backyard is mostly cement and pool. We do have flower beds that are about a foot and a half wide that border the entire backyard and the pool. Some of these boarders contain Ice plant and Honey Suckle vines, but I would like to add some more color. The problem is our hot dry climate, and the pool. My kids still like to play the game of "Let’s see who can make the biggest splash". lol (even though they are adults). They can get the splash up and over the brick walls. lol The problem is that when this game is played is completely soaks the flower beds with the chemical water from the pool. This has killed every flower I have attempted to plant there. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could plant there, that will give me some color, that will not require a lot of care, and survive the chemical splashing from the pool water????

Anyone wants real tips for scoring high here? Some friendly advices below…

It is very simple.

1. Vote.

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That is different. We do not like you asking too many questions here. I personally have been insulted many times for asking too many questions. Just look at the general pattern. People here probably ask only a fraction of what they answer and vote. You can see many people with 0 questions here (and belive me they take pride in doing so or being that way as if asking is a lowly act). But you will hardly see any one here with 0 answers unless they just came in and asked one querstion and got bored and got out.

We just want you to ask enough questions that will not hurt our self esteem and that will make the wheels turn…

That is probably why we have no incentives offered here for asking?

It is true. No points are awarded for asking. Thank God that we are not deducting any points for asking too many questions a day here. I do not know of if we limit the number of questions you may ask in any given day or not but I know that we will warn you and kick you out if you atart asking too many questions in a row blocking all our questions bulletin boards. I know this cause onece I have received a citation for asking too many questions here.

I was asking too many questions on that particular day, say some 10-15 questions in a period of half an hour. This citation page came up saying something like this (I can not repeat it verbatim cause I did not copy it then)

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what you think about our new president

First of all I think that we as american need a new president because of everything that Bush did to destroy this great country. well in my thought is a great thing that we have an african american as a president. it’s a great experience for we african american. i think that he make a great president, even though he has a lot of things in his plate. he will be able to turn this county around to be better.

Do you think any of the 2008 candidates can influence the U.S. like Kennedy when in his speech…

he challenged the U.S. to go to the moon by 1969? Do you think any of them could get us to once gain reach to our limits by issuing a challenge to go to Mars?

I watched "From the Earth to the Moon" this week and saw that it was Kennedy’s speech, in combination with pressure to beat Russia that pushed us to do the impossible. Can the U.S. find that kind of inspiration and motivation again, or are great orators, politicians, and thinkers like Kennedy a thing of the past?

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How should I spend my money??

I just got married and my husband and I received a bunch of money as gifts. We are definitely investing and saving some and he is using part of whats left as a down payment on a Harley. Any ideas of what I should do with the rest?

Why is it that Christians prohibit polygamy, while Jesus and the Old Testament clearly allowed it?

In Exodus 21:10, a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry.

In 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3, King David had six wives and numerous concubines.

In 1 Kings 11:3, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

In 2 Chronicles 11:21, King Solomon’s son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.

In Deuteronomy 21:15 "If a man has two wives, and he loves one but not the other, and both bear him sons…."

There are a lot more verses from the Old Testament that allow polygamy, but this proves my point.