Parents: what’s the best religion to teach your child?

IF, there’s one to teach; is it better to lethem be free for they to choose when they grow up?, have you regretted to have taught anything that later on you found out was not worth it?
Age. education and geographical area would help.
*This is a question with people with open criteria; no offense to fanatics but, preaching not required, thanks.

Do you believe that the single biggest problem in the USA is apathy? Why/why not?

I believe that it is due to the fact we the people have been content to let "politicians" do our bidding while staying silent. And now that we are having problems people are complaining just not in the proper place. We the people have to let our elected officials know we can vote them out of office as easily as into office if they do not do what we want them to do. Write/ email, phone, fax just get involved.

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Can socialism and capitalism live in the same house?

China poses a dilemma for our conservative economists and politicians. In one way it’s a socialist (communist) government and society, but at the same time it is exploiting its people to create a western-style society of entrepreneurs, businesses, investments and trade so that it can compete in the global market place. I’ll be interested to hear President Bush’s comments on his visit to the county for the Olympics. I wonder if he’ll come home with the same comment he made when met Russian President Putin: (To paraphrase) "I looked into the eyes of the Chinese people and saw a government I can trust."

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Is John Lewis that far off in his comments about hateful racial overtones of the McCain supporters?

Are the statements of civil rights leader and Georgia congressman John Lewis valid? Do the candidates have a responsibility to address the negativity of their supporters, and do they assume any responsibility for inciting potential violent actions if these comments go unchecked and are allowed to manifest from rhetoric to action.

Married people are now the minority in the USA. What does this mean to you?

See NY Times story:​0&en=a26705a7fc88bdec&ei=5087%0A

For the first time in history, married people are the minority. 49.7% of households are now married as of 2005.

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Love crushed, hopeless romantic here needs advice for dating ladies

Im a 25 year old male, and quite frankly im clueless as to what women want. Im a hopeless romantic and kind of old fashioned for my age (chivalry is Not dead yet..) but the past relationships I’ve had i was left empty and alone because the girl i was with used me for sex and dumped me. They insisted that we weren’t ever "that close" and that the past few months of seeing me on a very "dating-like" basis basically never happened. I’m starting to get the feeling that girls don’t want a nice guy anymore who will be true and loving. Whats the deal?? Any advice?

Ladies, does it please you that the government continually ignores your male relative’s concerns?

Obama has created a Council For Women & Girls.

Why do governments continually ignore men, all the while catering to women and girls?
And why girls and not boys? Has the hate-filled feminist agenda now reached the stage where boys (children) are ignored too, yet girls are not?

What I hear is, this is done to appease women, so as to secure future votes, but why would any woman in her right mind vote for a person/party who continually ignores all their male relatives?
Is it really a vote winner when a politician says "Forget males, it’s females that are important"? Let’s put it another way, "Forget your sons, fathers, brothers, nephews, uncles, grandfathers, cousins and friends, it’s only you that’s important", does this attitude really appeal to women, are you happy that your male relatives are continually ignored?

I’m not having a go at women, I just want to know how such a move can be a vote winner for women, it wouldn’t be for me if women were ignored in favour of men.

legal questions : House purchase on PX

Purchasing a new property from a builder with our own property in PX.The builders valuation & offer is below market value which was to be expected but what he has offered is critical to us affording the new house. If we withdraw after exchange of contract through no fault of the builder we can become liable for the deposit 10%. What if he reduces the offer on our property after survey to an extent we can,t proceed & have to withdraw?

When did PeTA change their objectives and become a vegetarian army of self-important nuts?

If memory serves me correctly, PeTA never advocated the burning of slaughterhouses and fast food restaurants before. PeTA stood for "People [for the] ethical Treatment [of] Animals. It was their stance that people needed to be made aware of cruelties to animals, such as beating them and starving them (amongst other disgusting things). When was PeTA taken over by militant vegetarians who assume that eating animals is the core problem? I agree that food animals deserve the same protection and respect that ordinary pets are given. They need to be taken care of by people who will not abuse them or pollute them with unnecessary chemicals. These things I agree with. What I do not agree with is that we’ll somehow become better human beings by eating vegetables on an exclusive basis. No one I know who has spent an entire life eating vegetables has shown any signs of being any healthier than me and my carnetarian diet (yes, I’m a meat eating carnivore).

hey, guys…help us ladies out here, please!!

what’s the story with the pi-pi dance? are guys afflicted with it too, or is it just a woman thing?

in case you are wondering what i mean by pi-pi dance:
as soon as you pull up in front of your house, before you can even get the car turned off, you are afflicted with the strongest urge to go potty, so strong, you are almost afraid to stand up for fear of wetting yourself………..and then when you do stand up, you have to go even worse and you feel lucky to make it to your door with out having a childish accident…….and then of course when you do get to the door, the blasted key just flat out refuses to go into the lock……..and meanwhile the urge is getting stronger and stronger……meanwhile you are jumping from foot to foot, muttering to yourself, squeezing your legs together, trying to cross them, and still jumping from foot to foot……..and finally the key goes into the lock……when you get the door unlocked you have to run like crazy for the bathroom, hoping you can make it to the toilet and get your pants down without wetting yourself (feels like there must be 3 gallons in there, the urge is so strong)………and then you get there, and can go…………and all that comes out is like 6 drops…………

and the pi-pi dance only seems to happen when you pull up in front of your own house……….if you stop at the grocery store, or the drug store, or some other place……….no problem, no urge……

so, guys, tell us women…… the pi-pi dance a woman thing or is it a human thing?

Has my satellite navigator had a nervous breakdown?

It often directs me to cross-country routes, which at first I am dubious about, but they always turn out to be excellent. But yesterday evening it was a disaster. The first instruction it gave seemed odd but I trusted it (fool!) and after half an hour I was somewhere that would have taken me 10 mins to reach if I’d used a map.I had to continue following directions because I was on tiny roads and the signposts meant nothing to me. After an added extra-complete tour of Colchester-I was eventually told I was at my destination when I was actually still a mile away. The journey back was worse! I had entered the correct post code. My round trip, Newmarket to Layer Breton, Essex, took 4hrs 18 mins.
How can I ever trust it again?

With the need to conserve and all the traffic why don’t we use more public transportation?

When I visited New York I was truly impressed on those using the public transportation systems. I also found it easier and more efficient than I expected. But I also saw way to many empty taxis and limousines sitting running idle. This is true even in a small city like Harrisburg, Pa. not enough people are using these provided transportation and making them run more efficiently. Is their a better way of making mass transit more efficient for all or would we be inconvenience too many people and lose to many jobs. By the way I went to the shore and used their public transportation it was a lot cheaper than using my car and although it was a little slower it gave my wife and I time to plan what we really wanted to do when we got to where we were going.


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Why do you think its "GOOD" about what Obama is proposing? Take TAXES from the wealthy? READ THIS!

Let’s just do a little simple math to see how taxes really work. Let’s say there is a person making $50,000/year and paying 15% in federal income tax. Thus, the person’s yearly tax burden is $7,500. If someone making $1,000,000/year paid at the same tax rate, they would pay $150,000 in taxes. So, the person making $50,000 pays $7,500, and the person making a million pays $150,000. Those who make more money, pay more in taxes. It’s only logical.

However, that is not how a socialist thinks. Rather than each person truly paying "their fair share," the socialist says that the "rich" person should not only pay more because he or she makes more, but they should also pay a higher percentage. So, the person making $1,000,000/year instead pays 35% in taxes for a tax bill of $350,000. That’s an extra $200,000 that the government takes out of circulation to pay for their social engineering.


Cost of Internal flights

Why do internal flights between Norwich and Aberdeen cost so much?
Cheap flights from Aberdeen to Luton, Heathrow, Manchester, Liverpool etc etc are available WHY NOT NORWICH?


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Fax Setup

I have a phone line and broadband. My new Dell photo all in one 964 printer has a fax facility on it. Do I need to contact my phone line provider and pay for a fax service or can I simply hook my phone line up to the printer and start Faxing? If so where do I get my Fax number from?

Is/Muslim/Enemy ?/./:


Read the above lines and the question by opting only one word from each trinity and make it a full sentence as:


if a solicitor begins an enquiry regarding obtaining an expert witness, can they suddenly stop without giving reasons why?

my solicitor was sent a new diagnosis from my specialist and asked that specialist to provide a medico legal report. the specialist replied he didnt do such reports and so my solicitor stopped any further investigations into obtaining a similar expert.
as he began this course of action, was he right to just stop? counsel advised he get a report, but he failed to do so, instead he obtained a report from an expert not qualified in the original diagnosis.