Does Palin’s public views on abortion & women’s right to choose agree with her private views?

Palin’s campaign put out the following statement:
"Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents," Sarah and Todd Palin said in the brief statement.

The wording of this statement says that HER DAUGHTER made a DECISION, which implies that she had a CHOICE. If this premise is true, why does Palin believe OTHER WOMEN should NOT have a CHOICE?

True or false: United States should be a Christian Nation, and the Bible the rule of the Land.

The present Constitution of Iraq reads: "This shall be an Islam government, and the Koran the rule of the land. This flawed statement should be replaced with: "There shall be no establishment of religion, and the free exercise thereof." This proven great statement has been the basis of our religious freedom since 1776. Iraq should also have pure religious freedom, a Democracy and not a Theocracy, to prevent their religious factions from waring with each other to establish their own brand of religion.

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Do you ever wonder what users are thinking when they leave explicit or graphics of women posing on

your space? Especially if it’s a woman leaving these on everyone’s space. Why do some women think that a graphic of a woman posing is a nice message? It isn’t, in my opinion a good message. I don’t personally appreciate graphics of scantily clad women left in my guest book and wonder if others think its odd too????;( Uhhhhhh! lol

Reopening – Have you ever killed-a Human Being?

The previous posting regarding killing elicited some foolish answers about meat consumption and fishing. I construe the question to mean the taking of a human life. I’m going to stick to war, for that’s the venue in which I killed – as have many others on this site who remained silent. During the Civil War, according to "On Killing", only 10% of combatants fired with homicidal intent. The proscription against killing was too potent to overcome. In WWII, an estimated 50% fired with homicidal intent. In the air, as I recall, 10% of pilots accounted for 60% of the "kills". The services took note, and began deconditioning ( desensitization ) and dehumanization programs. As a prelude, they released popular war games, calculated to introduce adolescents to the thrill of the hunt. They were too successful, and had to "gentle" recruits before putting live ammo into their rifles. Thus, in VN, 90% of American servicemen fired at, not above, the enemy. I bombed villes ( villages) suspected of

Death: It can come in a nano-second. So I ask, how does God deal with all the agnostics, half-baked

Christians, atheists, theists…..and others….who have NOT accepted the message of salvation……and then, SQUISH……they get hit by the proverbial bus……Does God make an allowance for that non-commitment or indecision (Scriptural references welcomed) and give you a break, or is that a done deal- there you go, do not pass go, do not collect $200, GO DIRECTLY TO HELL?

What do you think that Adam and Eve looked like?

I think they might have looked similar to aboriginies, but of course I don’t really know, it’s just a guess. Geneticists say that people migrated into Australia about 50,000 years ago. Aboriginies have been isolated all this time, and they look like people in India because the early humans probably migrated through India to get to Australia. Whatever Adam and Eve looked like, I think they had darker skin and brown hair and brown eyes. Geneticists say that the European blue eyes are the result of a genetic mutation that occurred about 10,000 years ago.

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God made Adam from the dust and Eve from a rib, so how could they have evolved from apes?

I am an old-earth creationist and I believe the literal truth of the Genesis creation account. I don’t believe in macro-evolution because I don’t think that it is supported by the scientific evidence. Only micro-evolution is supported by the evidence. I believe that God created Adam and Eve fully human just as the Bible teaches. God took dust from the ground and breathed life into it to make Adam, and later He made Adam fall asleep and took a rib from Adam’s side to make Eve. (By the way, if you’re wondering how old-earth creationism is a literal interpretation of Genesis, the Hebrew word yom for "day" has four meanings, including "an indefinite period of time" as in Genesis 2:4. Boqer for "morning" also means "beginning" and ereb for "evening" also means "completion". I think the geneologies list only the most important names and leave out the rest as in the gospel geneologies of Jesus.)

Who is better equipped to lead the world in times of turbulence, McCain or Obama? Who is a quitter?

The next decade is likely to be the era of a global turbulence unprecedented in scale or scope by any measure.
Who do you think is more capable of handling adversity and leading not only a nation or a country but the whole world through such rough times, McCain or Obama?
Who never quits or lets a long time friend and a near family member down even in the face of adverse public outrage and defamation?

How much money would be saved if we shared wealth equally?

For example, if we could have a system where we paid all our wages into a central pot, and then were provided with all we need to live a comfortable life, including food, drink, entertainment, etc.

Would the number of paper pushing bureaucrats that this would eliminate make this a feasible plan? Assuming, of course, that everyone pulled their weight in terms of working!

Dont you just love this Site?

Funny how just an internet site such as this (more so this 1.) When sad things happen, bad things happen, people going through rubbish in their lives, and you have a site like this that all members pull together to help other look at things in a different perspective or add ideas to help them through troubled times. Dont you just love this site? if you dont why?

Military strike against Iran in the next few weeks? Possible nuke attack?

A certain chain of events have come to light, that suggest that Bush is planning a military strike, and or a nuclear strike against Iran. Last year Rumsfeld resigned after several Generals refused to order a military strike against Iran, after Bush gave the order. July of this year Bush met with Putin, who told Bush not to attack Iran, Bush told Putin to pull his people out soon. Putin told Bush, do not attack, we want a piece of the pie of Iran. Now, since a military exercise is coming up in November. Bush plans to go after Iran. possibly with Nukes. The plan is to erase Iran off the map. This is only a suggest scenario of events that are leading of to a possible attack. This scenario is coming from government sources, calling this a "black ops". I don’t know if this is true, but all indications I’ve heard say its possible. Hopefully it’s not, but what if? Opinions…

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How to stop new shoes rubbing?

I brought some new shoes two days ago, they are real leather and quite comfortable, the only problem being in im not wearing them in well, they rub and i have blisters on my little toes! i have tried putting a bottle of water to try and stretch itn but no luck yet! any ideas?

Why do people stereotype Islam and Muslims?

I am a Muslim. I have been in the United States all my life and support it greatly. To come along and state that "you’re a terrorist Moslem" or a suicider or something else is rather inconsiderate. Muslims don’t all do the same things. Christians don’t do the same things. Mankind does not do the same thing. Everyone is either guided by what he follows or misguided a little, or misguided a lot.
Killing innocent people and blowing up places is NOT what Islam is all about! I do not -and many other Muslims don’t either- support what some "Muslims" did. Killing innocents, women, children, people old in age, etc. No one is in war. But these misguided Muslims created a false image for Islam.
Taking in that false image and using it for ALL Muslims is really disrespectful.
I don’t associate a Christian or a Jew with what other Christians and Jews do.
My religion does not teach violence. I am not a suicider, nor a killer. I do not preach either of these. Islam is about peace, security, and worshipping Allah.
It does not tell you to kill innocents, rather it states that there is a deep punishment for those who kill the innocent lives.
If you still think Muslims are all the same, then you are being illogical and unclever. Think before you speak.
I preach peace and happiness, not suicide-bombing and ultimate death.
Please be considerate in your answer.
Best Regards

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MD5 Checksum needed!

VeriSign is great and all, but I’m not a fan of installing a 3rd party program to download the newest version of microsoft windows from a unsigned pop-up window. The download page should be digitally signed instead of popping out of thin air with no apparent security whatsoever. At least show an MD5-Checksum without requiring me to dig around the MSDN website to verify a download. Microsoft please validate/verify this page.​####-####-####-####-############/7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_en-u​s_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_en_dvd.iso?lcid=1033

What do you think ’bout the wee message that I wrote today?

it’s a long time ago that we’ve heard from each other.
Hopefully everything’s allright in Canada? How’s the going?
I do very wish that we could meet in June, indeed, but it’s so as i told you, I’m out of pocket, unfortunately.
I would appreciate it to hear from you soon.
I’m thinking of you each ‘n every day.

Take care, God bless


Is it correct or what is wrong in my mail?

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