Do airliners occasionally drop fuel?

I know that jetliners may discharge most of their fuel prior to an emergency / crash landing, so that they won’t blow up – hey, I’ve seen “Airport”, OK? – but may they do so for other reasons, or even routinely?
The reason I’m asking: an acquaintance of mine has claimed that jetliners will discharge surplus fuel prior to landing "so that they’re not too heavy" on touchdown.
So is this a myth which she ought to scotch pronto, or is there some truth to that?

Original Lyrics

I would like to know who would be the best person and which companies should i contact to send original song music and lyrics to.
The music is mainly ballards. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Crash at London Heathrow, amazingly all passengers and crew survived. All thanks to the pilot, 43 year old Captain Peter Birkill. The plane barely missed a main road and a housing estate. How could this be prevented in the future? How should the pilot

How should the pilot be comended for his quick thinking that saved so many lives?
Are enough checks carried out?
Are too many flights coming in and out of our busiest airport?
Now that this has happened have your thoughts on the third runway changed at all?
Do you feel as safe to fly now?

Why is Hollywood banned?!

No way, was he really cheating? NO MAN, it cant be!!!
Come back man!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe the people that accused you were right! Man, you just totally made me hate way…better have an excuse when I talk to you.

Is anyone surprised by the Heathrow T5 debarcle?

A new building does nothing to change staff or corporate attitudes. I have found the combination BA and Heathrow to be a poisonous mix. Will this help to convince BA that they might not be the worlds favourite airline?

From what I can see, T5 is less about solving passenger problems than about providing a better ‘shopping experience’ and giving a better environment in which to spend the hours of delay.

If you were taking part in an event that was a positive, happy news story & you wanted the media to cover the story, who would you contact?

There is an Egg Run in many parts of the UK every Easter Sunday, the Egg Run is many bikers donating Easter eggs, then riding to local hospitals to give the Easter eggs to kids in hospital. I’ll be taking part in it again this year, I did it last year, but the only mention of bikers on the news was about two teenagers on stolen off road motorbikes that had an accident. That might have been worth being on the news, but so did a convoy of over 300 bikes travelling to different hospitals, giving Easter eggs to kids, especially as its organised by the police

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How to i go about planning and organising a successful profit making event

I would like to find out what things that i will need to consider before i make any descions. Also any step by step plans that will ensure that the event will be a success.
Additonally, i will i got about promoting and marketing the event before hand? I want it to be a success, as its for a great cause and i really dont think that anyone has any faith in my ability.

Vista home prenum

OK. I tryed to install windows vista home prenum, knowing that I only have 448 or something of ram, not enough to run it. It installed and everything, but when I was sitting there using it, it kept on loading. You know, the click noise. even when I was not doing anything, it kept loading. If I get a gig24 of ram, I think It should stop doing that right? Why wont it stop loading, it is on windows classic theme and everything!! grrr, I had to back up my computer to windows XP again. My question is, why is it loading so much?

How do I simply connnect an external hard drive to my sky+ box rather than having to record to video or my dvd recorder – I have downloaded software called Copy+ does anyone have a dummies guide to sort this issue – thanks NB

I realise that the existing sky+ box can have the hard drive replaced with a larger variant – but all I really want to do is free up disc space on the sky+ and store a collection of films etc to hard drive to view at a later date.

What is it?

Since returning from holiday I keep experiencing what I can only explain as insect bites on my lower abdomen, waist line and around (not on) the crotch area, no where else. I have clean clothes every day, clean bed linin and have actually moved house during this time, yet still get bitten, whereas my partner, who was also on holiday and sleeps in the same bed etc, does not have this problem?

I know it is not a sexually transmitted disease, so no answers neeeded regarding that as a possibility please!

Will the air quality in China impact international athletes’ physical abilities to compete?

I keep hearing about the air quality in China and I can’t help but think that those folks who have trained in the USA might be at a disadvantage compared to athletes who have trained with worse air quality standards.

Do you think that air quality will be a significant issue to the Olympic athletes in China this Olympics?

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Today Sunday is Veteran’s Day in the U.S. Will you join me in for a moment?

For the families of those "missing in action". For those who have fought and died for our freedoms. For those that have fought and still live. And for the Fathers and Mothers who have suffered the loss of a child in combat. For all those that forever bear the scars of war. For all those who wore the uniform that served our nation.

How much of your vote in the U.S. should be concerned with Iraq and how much with domestic issues?

In other words during a war in which the lives of our people are at stake, can we afford or not afford to make this the overriding point on which to base our vote. Which of the candidates will either extricate gradually, win but in times of terror that’s pretty elusive and manage to garner the worlds respect at the same time.

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London to Brighton bike run

Can anyone please give me some good tips on training & preperation for the London to Brighton bike ride this year. I am already training 3 times a week & adding mileage each time I train….is there anyone else that’s done it in thwe past & could give me some good tips please.
Thanks so much…..KB.


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Are dragonflies normally around in November?

A glorious huge dragonfly flew round me while I was hanging washing out yesterday. I know Spain isnt as cold as England, but it was only about fifteen degrees. I always assumed that dragon flies were summer insects so was more than surprised to see this beauty out there.
Was it as unusual as I think, or do they actually fly during the colder months?

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Is youtube starting to annoy you? It certainly is annoying me!

Well I have an account on youtube to see what it was like to actually upload videos on there. I have uploaded one or two videos.

Well now i am part of the youtube communutity. I have started to notice some issues.

These are:
1) Thumbnail cheating
2) Just trying to be the most discussed or most views.
3) Profane Videos
4) No more important videos.
5) No one is equal on it.
6) Almost impossible to be noticed.
7) No one comments on the content of the video. The comments are not valuable.

Thumbnail Cheating
This is when there are people who put still images of something that people want to see in the middle of their videos in order to get a more attractive thumbnail. This makes people watch the video this leads me onto point number 2.

Trying to be the most viewed or most discussed
Its like high school. People want to be popular. It doesnt matter what they do. This is the same on youtube. People just do anything. It takes out the enjoyment.

Profane Videos
Do I really need to explain. It makes me upset. As a 14 year old, there are things that I just don’t need to see. Actually, I have come across things on youtube that no one needs to see.

No more important/decent videos.
Theres nothing that is needed. How many videos have you seen that are just of wierd things and you think that you have wasted [Insert number of minutes here] on watching things like that. People, do we really care if you have a new bed. Or if you have painted your walls. I honestly don’t care.
No one is equal.

No one is equal on youtube. Theres always someone better than you. You always want to beat someone on there. People only care about people who are the most popular on there even if they upload terrible videos.

Almost impossible to be noticed
To have your videos noticed you have to be almost a celebrity. It is hard. I dont really care how many views I get. I just want be opinions on matters to be heard.

No one comments on the content of the video. The comments are not valuable
No one tells me what they think of the video. They just leave comments like ‘ure hot, can I take you home.’ or ‘Check out this site [Insert dodgy site name here]. They just curse or swear.

What is your opinion on youtube?

Do you agree with me?