My 3yr old female staffie has just been spayed i done this to prevent puppies and cancers and for her to have a better life but now i am worried about her. She seems perfectly well in herself her scar is healing well but her wound is filling up with fluid is this normal? Her op was 2weeks ago and she has been to see the vet on day 3 and day 10 and another visit is booked which will be day 17. I was just wondering if she would be ok???? Thank you for reading this.

Are there any sayings or words that have treble meanings? As some sayings or words have double meanings

Serious campers are intense.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

Sports people can avoid the pain of defeat by wearing comfortable shoes.

Nut screws washers and bolts. (Headline following a laundrerette sex crime)

Poetry written upside-down is inverse; poetry of very few lines is universal.

A girl who screamed and shouted for a pony got a little hoarse.

The carpenter’s heavy tools were uncomfortable so he got a little sore.

Nuns generally wear plain colours because old habits never dye.

The days of the pocket diary are numbered.

Lions eat their prey fresh and roar.

Old bikes should be retired.

Geometry holds clues for the meaning of life; look and you will see the sines.

You can’t beat a pickled egg.

If a leopard could cook would he ever change his pots?

See one mel

Using my own land to live in my Motorhome–UK

I have a piece of land about one-and-a-half-acres, where I own a holiday cottage that has a 106 agreement that prohibits us or anyone else from living there more than 28 days in 3 months, and only for holiday purposes, I also have a motorhome that I intend to use for long term holidays, my question is ‘can I be stopped sleeping in my motorhome on my land in England, and what constitutes ‘living’ in the holiday cottage.

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When did the Democrats and Republicans switch parties?

Earlier in America’s history Democrats were mostly southern, conservative, and favored states rights over the federal government whereas Republicans were mostly northern, liberal, and favored a strong central government. Today they are switched around. When did this happen?

Do you tell your car insurance company the truth?

Please be honest.

I do and always make sure everyone I get quotes for do.

Something strange I noticed while getting quotes for friends is those I know who used to lie, got much better quotes when I actully did it and told the truth, is it possible the insurance company know when you are lying as it is written on a MOT what millage is done after all (most common lie used next to car being kept in locked garage)!

2 Questions: What is a Republican? What is a Democrat?

Everyone has their idea or interpretation of what these two items/things/objectives(?) are but I believe the Webster’s definition should be what shows forth if you’re a representative of either of these…
Republican: supporter of republic as government: somebody who believes that the best government is one in which supreme power is vested in an electorate.
Democrat: supporter of democracy: somebody who believes in or supports democracy or the democratic system of government.
By definition are they not both the same?

democracy: free and equal representation of people: the free and equal right of every person to participate in a system of government, often practiced by electing representatives of the people by the majority of the people

car accident

I was in a crash on the 03/07/06.
I was waiting in traffic when a car smashed into the back of me and shunted me into a van.
My car had damage to the back and minimal damage to the front. The guy who hit me told his insurance that I had hit the van first so they would only fix the damage to the back of my car, I told them I wanted the front fixed also as he hit me first and pushed my car into the van. my insurance got a statment from the van driver to say he was only hit once which they say will prove I was hit first.
On sat my car started to leak water so I know have no car to drive, the guys insurence have said they are not going to look at the stament of the van driver till next week, and the guy is still saying I hit the van first.
They wont give me a replacment car, so I now am staying at my mums and my son cant go to school as I have no way of getting him there.
Do any of you know what other options I could do to get his insurence to give me a repacment car. All this hassle is really taking it’s toll on me.

Is Obama a Hipocrite?

Obama refuses to wear an American Flag pin on his lapel but Yesterday he was given one by a Veteran and he said he would wear it that day to represent the givers service. We know he refuses to wear one, we know he refuses to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance, We know he refuses to acknowledg the National Anthem… Is he a Hipocrite? and is this who we want as President?

Car insurance policies as owner and named driver…

right: i started off as the policy holder on a car (or three) which was primarily driven by my brother, and i was a named driver on my mum’s insurance. my brother had a few "incidents" which wiped my no claims (i then cancelled and told him to get his own blasted insurance), and then i had an accident in the snow at 12mph which totalled my mum’s car, (but she had no claims protection). now, i am a named driver on two policies, including my mum’s. does that contribute in any way if i were to apply for a new insurance policy in my name? i have a short-notice licence due to medical reasons (dammit), and i bet that would be an issue too… any advice (apart from phone around to check) would be useful.

covenant insurance

i have purchased a three storey house and recieved planning for three seperate flats, but i have a covenant inplace saying single ddwelling use dated 1980. can i convert the flats and purchase insurance instead of getting the covenant lifted, as this is slow and costly

Is what I am doing a nonsense?

Or does it make sense?
Do we have to make sense?

Did Picasso make sense in his art?
Did Van Gogh make sense?
Does art make sense?
In what sense?
Did Jesus make sense by not denying His Father. The Holy Spirit, and saving His Life yet foresaking our Sins…?

Am I making sense to some?
Am I not making any sense to some?
Am I making all this for a purpose?

Are my questions valid questions?
Are my questions normal questions?
Are my questions rightful questions?

Are my questions an ab-use of COC?
Are my questions an ab-normal circumvention of COC?
Are my questions an ab-solution of COC?

Should I continue to make new-sense?
Should I continue to make Picasso-sense?
Should I continue to make art-sense?
Should I continue to make x-sense?

why do clocks chime the half or quarter hour>

I can understand that Church clocks chime since people who can’t see the clock will hear the chime and know the hour, this began in the days before we all had our own watches.
Why, though, do they ring the half and quarter hour? Our local Church clock rings the half hours and I have been confused wondering is it 12.30 or 1pm?
Is there a practical reason for ringing anything but the actual hours?

IPOD or MP3 player? Please tell me advantages, or disavantages of owning! What is best, or new Zunes

Please to all community… My son wants an Ipod for Christmas. I have been looking in the Sunday paper for various sales, and now I learn about Microsoft Zunes, and mp3 players. I’m completely confused. I have no technical knowledge of the differences, all I know is that I’ll likely have to pay for songs to be downloaded on whatever device I purchase for him, so that’s an added expense. Right?! I really want any comparisons, from real experiences, and contrast of the two or three, as I see Zunes has movies, etc, and I don’t want his purchase to be replaced about 6 months afterwards. I have checked various consumer sites, also, but I’d like to hear from others comments. I appreciate any help with this in deciding what to purchase for him. It’s his 1 big purchase item for the year. Thanks!!!

Looking for the name of a movie? Red Euro Car, Burito nightmare, Around 1980’s See Question Details

This movie was made sometime in the 1980’s, if I remember correctly it was abt a man whos was going to get married and as a wedding gift he left town to pck up a new sports car. He went to the dealrship and a beautiful blond saleslady talked him up to getting a very expensive Red Sprtscar. It looked like a Lotus or Lamborgini. He drives it away and and it soon breaks down. I remember a part of the film where the qrecker service tows his car back to the dealer. I think they lift it completely in the air and it dangles around.
He goes to a little restaurant/bar where he orders a special the burrito. Later that night in a Nightmare he finds himself in his own stomach flaoting around. I think he has a conversation with the burrito. He befriends the blonde sales lady and sleeps with her, I think. he calls back home and asks his dad for advice, becasue he cheated on his fiance.
There is a scene where the dealer mechanic complains to the dealership owner abt putting old car parts in new sportcars to save money. the blonde, the old mechanic, and the man break into the dealership to stael ack his car. The dealership has three or four Dobermans gaurding the place, so the three of them make balls out of peanut butter and raw ground beef. They toss’em to the dogs, and steal the car back. I think the mechanic blows the place up. the Blonde girl and the guy drive back to his hometown just in time for his wedding , they part ways and he married his fiance.

Palin attire on final night of GOP showed too much cleavage and bare chest. Does anyone agree?

I watched the GOP last evening. This was to be a McCain night. Cindy was too busy trying to explain her family wealth and referencing the VP that I have forgotten what Cindy was about. I have to point out that her attire was impeccable even if the outfit was more than $ 400,000 while there are people without food and electricity. Then there was Palin – someone forgot to check her attire. She is too busty for camisoles. When she raises her arms she reveals more cleavage than Dolly Parton. How can a woman take her seriously? She looks like a beauty queen trying to downplay her assets. Whoops, she is a beauty queen downplaying her true assets. Her attire may have shown more than just legs and far from the power pant suit.

What are Obama’s economic theories both to run the country and to fix the economy? Please help!.

I am a 46 year old Republican, well educated (an attorney) and I have always voted the party line for President, although I regret it with our current President. At present, the candidate I would like to say I respect the most and intend to vote for is Obama’s due to his views on how to handle foreign policy and getting us out of Iraq, a civil war based on religion which will restart whether we stay 1, 5, or 20 years. As for his experience level the same can be said for Hillary who won in a state she had no ties to, which I disrespect as undermining the system. Obama has learned much in terms of foreign policy from my observations and anyone can surround themselves with the right people. My question and concern is "What are his economic theories, both for getting us out of these rough times, and then in general for running the US?" I have read conflicting reports. I want to vote for him but the wrong domestic policy in this climate could be a disaster. Thank you. Ozlaw

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