A change for the better?

The Iraqi Government have finally voted to change the Iraqi Flag. The new design has the 3 Stars (representing Saddam’s Ba’ath party) removed.

I say about time, and I feel that this should help bring the country together.

Is this just me being a little naive, or can this really start too make a difference?

Laws regarding telegraph poles

We want to put an extension on the side of our house but we have electricity cables running across our garden right in the place where we want to extend.How do we go about getting the cables moved in order for us to be able to build upwards

Ken Livingstone has announced that he is to build a big Mosque in London. Why doesn’t the Muslim Council of Gt Britain pay for it, instead of the taxpayer? and do they really need another big Mosque in London, will it be a blot on the landscape?

Why should the London landscape be dominated by huge Mosques built at taxpayer’s expense, when Islam is not our only or national religion?
Is Ken Livingstone trying too hard to please minority religions?


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Which swarming insects can actually eat people?

I think it was the most recent Indiana Jones movie that featured swarming, killer ants, but what insects do actually kill and eat people by this swarming mechanism?

Also, are there any arachnids that swarm to over-whelm their prey, or are they always solitary predators?

Please identify specific types or subspecies of the insects – saying "Ants do" will get an unhelpful rating!

Rugby star Henson to face court. What should be done with sport celebs that behave like that ?

Wales rugby star Gavin Henson is to face court action over alleged "rowdy" antics on a train.
Henson, 25, has been summonsed to appear before Cardiff magistrates accused of disorderly conduct.

The Ospreys centre and three friends will be prosecuted over allegations of drunken antics on a train from London to Cardiff eight days ago.

Full story on the below link.



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State Pension Question….

I still have 3 years to go before I reach state retirement age but my wife is a little older than me and she is already receiving a pension in her own right based on her contribution.
When I retire, do we move to the couples pension (currently 145.05 week) or is there any recognition of the pension she has earned in her own right.
If not then I guess I will have to divorce her. 35.35 a week is not to be sniffed at !!

Why does a typo (as shockingly offensive as it may be) make one subject to the scathingly witty and soul destroying comments of an internet chatroom Leonardo daVinci.

Obviously people don’t spend too much time spell checking posts on an internet chat room. Why then do people feel the need to send what they beleive to be witty comments about a typo. We’ve all seen it. Why do people bother?
Inferiority complex?

P.S We are not taking the piss out of this website. We think it is proper cool.

do all intense emotions produce tears? why?

have just received a very nice email and have been moved to tears from the heartfelt contents thereof. it triggered this question, really. i want to know if all intense emotions and emotional experiences move people to tears, and if so, why this is.

got a nasty feeling it’s one of those questions with no definable answer, but i thought i’d best give it a shot 😉

Vista video problem

Every time I try to open a video file on my pc, using vista premium, I get the message:

"COM Surrogate has stopped working."

I wait a few seconds, close the message and then watch the video as normal.

It’s really annoying, please can somebody tell me how to stop it happening. I have already tried reinstalling the players and drivers.

Why does so much YouTube content end up on other sites?

For example, I did a search for my wife’s group’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent, and although YouTube comes up first, the same clips are showing up on loads of other websites. Why do the other sites do this? Are the clips put up there automatically, or does some person sit in a room indexing clips?

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Do you think our younger generation of 2009 has outdone past generations?

So do you think our younger generation has greatly changed from past generations? Especially with our totally outrageous hairstyles, clothing styles, accesory styles, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, texting-cell phone usage… etc. Of course past generations have done some of these things …but do you think the 2009 generation has beat these past generations as to how teens act and dress …And how do you feel towards the look of our now present generation?

Can anyone suggest the best way to upload a clip to YouTube?

A local author in Lewes wants to publicise his forthcoming new novel on YouTube etc.

He’s not planning an epic movie – just an interesting short clip of his new book which is based in the Vietnam War.

I think he wants still shots and live action plus overlaid titles, text, voice over and possibly some background music.

Plus maybe some out-of-copyright old newsreel footage of the war etc.

He’s a great writer but a novice at videos etc.

Is there a quick and easy way?

Is there already software to help him on his Windows package he can use without needing expensive new software? He uses XP.

An i d i o t’s guide and some useful pointers would be highly appreciated.

Do you think our kids are pressured into growing up before their time?

If yes, do you think it is aggressive marketing, along with the media that is largely responsible or some other cause?
Today on the news I watched a report suggesting most adults in Great Britain think childhood is over by age 11,, I think that’s sad.

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Who was jesus?

A lot of people have differing views on who jesus was some say he was a politician, a good teacher, and god himself. I have a logical answer but I’ll reserve it for your answers.

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Why do you believe/disbelieve in god? Also, explain how god could be perfect.

Don’t argue, debate, it is okay to have different beliefs but to be rude or to criticize another because of their beliefs is just mean. I don’t think that god influences or attaches himself particularly to the church or to any church. If he is perfect, I don’t think that he would attach himself to a large group that makes so many mistakes. Prejudice, witch hunting, and discrimination has marred the churches. That does not mean that the ones of today are bad, the opposite in fact, as they have learned from mistakes. I have no particular religious belief that is shared by a multitude, my relationship with god is my own, reasonable. I like to talk a lot, sry.

How do you feel about stem cell research?

A stem cell is a “generic” cell that can make exact copies of itself indefinitely. It is a precursor cell that has the ability to make specialized cells for various tissues in the body (such as heart muscle, brain tissue and liver tissue). Stem cell research is expected to impact advances in curing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, spinal cord injury, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and cancer.