The Rules of Flatulence . . . .

talking about this sensitive issue with my brother, we were wondering what do you when/if you let off a loud one in front of other people? The situation is worsened if you are with just one other person – what do you say then? The tension would be unbareble, let alone the smell. . . .

Furthmore what happens when you are in this position with a teacher or your boss? Do you shrug it off, laugh or apologise and advise that you evacuate the area, wafting your hand in front of your face . . .

Plus – is it worse if the other person lets rip?

What were the laws of your playground?

I’m thoroughly enjoying this series on CH4; it’s bringing back many un/wanted memories from my school days.

I’ll never forget when the school bad boy broke the school rule of coming into the girl’s yard. He jumped onto the roof & The Headmaster was screaming at him to get owrf. In the end The Headmaster had to climb onto the roof to try & get the kid down, which resulted in them having a full blown fight. The bad boy won & was instantly expelled!

What do you remember most vividly from your school playground?

Shouldn’t McCain tell American voters the issues than to hunt for Hillary’s voters, stiring division

McCain is trying hard to bring division in the Democratic party, if he can win voters by using Hillary Clinton . I always say McCain has nothing good to tell about himself. He always use Hillary’s play book. He is now panic loosing some republicans to Obama and,with the smart move by Obama to pick Biden as VP. He can’t match the strong pair OBAMA/BIDEN.

Electric trike – what road rules are applicable?

I’m seriously considering building myself an electric trike for commuting to work.

What rules do I need to comply with in order to be able to run the thing on the road?

Please don’t just say "C&U regulations" – I know about these but getting hold of a complete copy is almost impossible. And stripping out all the stuff which is only applicable to cars would be a nightmare.

Would I need MOT? Registration? Tax disc (free), number plates?

At what point does a pedal trike with an electric motor become a motor vehicle?

Is commonsense a thing of the past?

This mother is required to be CRB checked before she can accompany her sick son to school in council transport.

I fully understand being careful but this seems a bit over the top.

On a similar subject, my daughter ran a school kitchen in a hall next to a primary school. They were struggling for numbers so they invited pensioners to come in for a meal once a week, but that had to stop because they would all have needed a CRB check. It is not as if they would be alone with the children or unsupervised. Now the kitchen has closed due to lack of support.

Are we not going over the top?

Are there any rules or regulations for the prices that cars can be sold at or how much that the car dealers offer on part exchange & add onto the resale value?

I was looking through Parker’s car price guide, which is the closest thing to the car dealers Black book of car prices available to the public. On the majority of the prices that the dealer has the car for sale, the part exchange price on the same car is up to

When do the new ebay feedback rules come into effect?

The new rules will make it impossible for sellers to leave negative/neutral feedback for buyers – it’s supposed to prevent retaliatory feedback from bad sellers.

But although there are plenty of places saying it starts in May, does anybody have an actual date?

Also, would it apply also to transactions which completed before May?

I’m holding off leaving negative feedback from my dodgy electrical seller until I know that he can’t retaliate – except that he’s no longer got any items for sale and appears to have abandoned 5000+ feedback.

NB. Please don’t hassle me about the new rules, I don’t agree with them.

I think they skew the feedback system too much in favour of the buyer.
Sellers will be stuck with negative feedback which they don’t deserve, and getting it removed will rely on the agreement of the person who left the feedback in the first place.

It would be fairer to amend it so that the buyer can’t leave feedback until the seller has.

Would you do what Alec Hill did, take a bet on how long you would live or any other unusal bet?

Bless him, Alec hill took a bet out with bookies at 250 to 1 that he would live to a hundred years old. He won 2 hundred and fifty thousand pounds today. Would you take out a bet that you might reach say a 100 and 1 years old. I know the bookies have slashed the odds, but what bet would you place.?
Good on him i say.

Am I happy I found my Parrot after he got out and was missing for 8 hours today?

We live on the open march land with a view of a deep river that goes on forever. I came home from an outing with my daughter to find the screen door fallen out on the porch and my Macaw GONE! I read once a parrot get’s loose, you can expect never to see him again because, essentially their wild animals. For the past 4 hours I walked through the think swampy landscape and used my binoculars to scan the palm tree’s and panarama that surounded me. Blu loves food and must be getting hungy so I yelled for three hours "Cracker""Cracker" (that’s what he calls everything eatable) Then, about ten minutes ago, I saw a huge white owl fly low in the sky directly above me and thought, that Owl is having blue and gold "Macaw" for dinner. I screamed louder and my instincts took me to a nearby residential area. "CRACKER"…"RAAAAK"! BLU….that was my parrot screaming like they do in the pirate movies, distinctily "Parrot"! As I honned in on his squaking, we called out to each other like to love sick, well, Parrots. ‘"I LOVE U" "I LOV U" Blu screamed as he wattled toward me from behind a neighbors truck. Where did he come from they said. "From behind the truck" I said. and I picked Blu up and we stuck our tounges out at each other, he asked for a "cracker" over and over on our long walk home. XOXOXOX

Is this the time? To jointly mass attack the terrorist locations with full force?

The world is under heavy economic recession. And at the same time, the terrorist force is on the rise and this time with a greater danger than before taking advantage of Muslim population in countries.
Pakistan is almost under terrorist control. Yesterday they killed the game ‘Cricket’ in Pakistan. Last week they tried to destabilise Bangladesh government and almost was successful in doing so if not the Bangladeshi government acted with intelligent decisions and calm mind.
In between lies India who is the chief target for terrorists. Many years of terrorists attacks is being faced by India.
Whether Osama Bin Laden is alive or not is not the issue now. Because even if he is assumed dead then also the Talibans are much more active than before.The talibans and other extremist groups are not currently attacking other portion of the world because this time they have a different tactics. They want to hide themselves behind the population of this sub-continent first..( read comment)

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Should Mothers/Father be charged with Child neglect/abuse, when driving without a hands free mobile phone, with children in the car?

I am seething, comming through a narrow street, woman on a mobile phne whilst driving , with 2 young children in the car, chatting on the phone? I had to serve to avoide being side swiped, if she had hit me she and her children wouldnt stand a chance against a 2 ton car. I had to stop further down road as i was so angry. Should they be charged, because far as i am concerned its neglet/abuse. No thought for the childrens saftey. I detets Mobile phones anywa. Detest them being used in my home and more in cars. I have a mobile phone but for emergencies only and ITS off when i am in the car. Should they be charged? after all they be charged for neglect if they left young children alone in the house. Opinions please?

summing up

is it normal practice at the end of a tribunal hearing which had ran out of time so each side was granted 14 days to ‘sum up’, so the applicant is to serve his summing up to the adjudicator and the respondant, then the respondant has 14 days to sum once he has seen what the applicant has put forward but the applicant does not get to see what the respondant puts forward in the summing up.

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Why have atheist soldiers — in the U.S. armed forces — had prayer ceremonies pressured on them?

I’m angry that atheist soldiers — in the U.S. armed forces — have had prayer ceremonies pressured on them and atheist meetings broken up by Christian superior officers, in direct violation of the First Amendment.
I’m angry that evangelical Christian groups are being given exclusive access to proselytize on military bases — again in the U.S. armed forces, again in direct violation of the First Amendment.
I’m angry that atheist soldiers who are complaining about this are being harassed and are even getting death threats from Christian soldiers and superior officers — yet again, in the U.S. armed forces.
And I’m angry that Christians still say smug, sanctimonious things like, "there are no atheists in foxholes." You know why you’re not seeing atheists in foxholes? Because believers are threatening to shoot them if they come out.​ists-and-an.html

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If you were a vegetable waht vegetable would you be?…..

Take the test and find out…

Here is my results….

For 40 % you are: you are a carrot! you are kind and sweet
11.83 % of 3195 Quiz participants had this profile!

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: you are an onion! you are very emotional

Or even this one:
For 30 % you are: You are a pea! you are very bouncy and lively

Should I believe in God? Why?

If you know me from my answers and questions you know I constantly teeter on Atheism and theistic agnosticism. I see no evidence that God exist, at least none that cannot be explained by science or logical reason. My question is: Can you give me a reason to believe in God? I’m not asking what your beliefs are, or to preach to me…I want reason and logic. I know nobody can provide me with evidence, so please do not try, and regardless of what you say, I believe in evolution and the big bang, don’t try to change my opinions, it won’t work. However, I do not think these two theories necessarily exclude God. So, I challenge you…give me a reason, I already have plenty of reasons to not believe in God…give me a reason.