Can you recommend a good site for last minute holiday deals please?

This is really a follow on from my previous question, ‘Recommend a Short Break Destination in February’. Can anyone personally recommend any good sites for last minute holiday deals, not, I know about that one. Recommendation by personal experience preferable please?

SIMPLE QUESTION: Are you a Democrat, Republican, or "Other". Curious about the political mix on Q&A

I know some love my comments, and others hate them. No matter your opinion of me, I think this will really give some insights into the mix of views here on this forum. Please answer first the label designating what affiliation you are, then please keep your detailed description to a reasonable level.

Thank you.


Fairly moderate on most issues. I am pro-choice for those raped, minors, women in danger due to pregnancy. I am also pro-ERA (and pro-title IX, but am against Title IX abuses), pro-civil rights (Martin Luther King’s version) and I am Christian, but not a religious zealot.


I am conservative re:
* Crime and punishment
* Taking personal responsibility
* Despising political correctness
* Parental responsibility..parents MUST have better control.

Once again, thanks for any answers.

Should reclining seats be banned on discount airlines?

This is inspired by an answer to her_nextdoor’s question on airport charges.

As a taller person, I also find seats on most airlines do not allow enough legroom for my 6ft 4 frame – at best, you can get your legs locked into a semi-comfortable position, but this is not in any way ideal.

But what really gets my goat is when the person in front reclines their seat. Yes, of course, I could do the same, but I actually think about other people and don’t like restricting their space.

Should the reclining of seats be restricted or banned on full flights? i.e. if you have someone sat in the seat behind you, you are not allowed to recline? If there were other seats I could move to, I wouldn’t have such a problem, and would be happy to move, but when it is a full flight, sometimes that option is not available.

Why vote for Obama?

If one’s rational to vote for Obama is their hope to get our troops out of harm’s way, in Iraq, a little sooner … is that flawed reasoning (given that Obama advocates a significant build-up of troops in Afghanistan)?

Yes … it is important to finish the job in Afghanistan. But harm’s way is harm’s way, just as much in Afghanistan as in Iraq.

So … if this is your reason to vote for Obama … WHY???

Countries mentioned in this Post: Iraq, Afghanistan

I am off on holiday soon and I’m a tad confused!

I had been eyeing up gorgeous bag for ages and Mr W_I_W very kindly bought me it for Xmas. I have been planning on using it as hand luggage and I checked the Thomas Cook website to see if it was ok size wise. It measures 41x22x29cm. They say that your hand luggage cannot be over 43x23x28cm or 5kg.
I’m probably being simple but does that mean that my bag will be ok as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 5kg? Is it a case of have your bag within those measurements OR if it isn’t keep it to 5kg?
I hope this makes sense and please excuse my stupidity, 🙂

Flight delays – Right to care? Full question below.

I have looked up and read various information on compensation & right to care when flights are delayed but, so far, I have been unable to get a definitive answer on this.
Compensation for flight delays is subject to an ‘exceptional circumstances’ get out clause. However, nothing I have read clarifies if this get-out also applies to ‘Right-to-care’. Does anyone have a definitive answer to this?

In today’s world are we better off having a large size government with more social programs,

providing less freedoms, while the government takes over our every day life actions by legislation or are we better off having a government of a smaller size while letting the course of life take place providing us with the necessities of life as a government with out providing support to industry so they do not fall in to financial trouble also by not providing individuals rebate checks and a government that works on more state rights attitude. Which would be best for our future and why, we already have a BIG GOVERNMENT action going on should we down size it and have less social programs?

Why do aircraft have reclining seats?

Okay, so I know the obvious answer – so you can lean back during a flight. However, having been stuck behind a reclined seat for eight hours and feeling very shut in (at 6ft 4, there’s not a lot of room for my legs at the best of times), it did make me wonder why aircraft actually allow passengers to take up so much of another passenger’s personal space during a flight. Surely, it would be better for all seats to be reclined at the same time, so you all have the same amount of space, rather than allowing a few selfish barstools to take more than their own share of space?

As a supplement to the main question, when on a flight, do you recline the seat, or like me, do you not want to take away the personal space of the person behind you?

Lets see…which is the better choice….based on my unchangeable my principles?

McCain For Drilling for oil.
Obama Against Drilling for oil.
McCain is for lower Taxes and against wasteful spending.
Obama is for more taxes and more spending.
McCain is anti abortion.
Obama is for anytime until birth abortion.
McCain is for winning the War against Terror in Iraq
Obama is for surrender to the terrorists.
Obama is for voting "Present"
McCain is for voting Yes Or No. Let’s see…….Now! Who shall I vote for?

Countries mentioned in this Post: Iraq

Is there any way to find out what movies will be showing on Virgin’s Manchester-Orlando flights at the end of July?

There are loads of films on at the cinema at the moment that I would like to watch, but if they are already showing on the flight, that seems a bit of a waste of money. How can I find out what will be showing on flightsw during the last week in July?


Cities mentioned in this Post: Manchester, Orlando
Countries mentioned in this Post: Great Britain

Is war a necessary part of human existence?

I find it only appropriate to ask a question on war on this most auspicious day. We all wish for peace, love and happiness, but do we know what we are asking for? War is a tragedy, and it is terrible to see so many brave soldiers die horrid deaths for a cause that may not be worthy of their lives. However, we are now reaching the point where humans are living longer than ever, but still reproducing at a great rate, so the Earth cannot sustain this many people over a long period of time. The population must be reduced, or we will place all of us at risk. Is war necessary from a survival point of view, to reduce our populations?

2 part question. Do i need a passport to fly up to Norwich ?

I have tried to find answers on google no joy.
Do i need a passport to go up to Norwich and also if i dont, Can i use my crutches on the plane or do i have to use the bliddy wheelchair? I love to go and see my aunt and uncle who live in Norfolk, driving be to much for me. Am a bit concerned re how flights handle people with just crutches, are they allowed on the flights ?

Cities mentioned in this Post: Norwich, Norfolk

Is democracy dying?

I just read a quote on a website somewhere (author unknown) which appealed to me.
I was wondering whether anybody else feels that it is becoming increasingly applicable in the UK?

"Democracy dies when the people wanting their government to take care of them outnumber those wanting to take care of themselves."

Countries mentioned in this Post: United Kingdom

How will King Jesus judge all the Christians and other human beings? Is it Law of Gospel of Christ ?

Holy Bible Matthew 23:23 – Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

Hadith Translation of Sahih Bukhari : Prophets – Volume 4, Book 55, Number 658: Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said "How will you be when the son of Mary (i.e. Jesus) descends amongst you and he will judge people by the Law of the Quran and not by the law of Gospel (Fateh-ul Bari page 304 and 305 Vol 7)
Islam teaches that Muslims will be judged by the Law of the Quran.

Resurrected and Living Holy One Jesus Christ Son of God will appear soon to transform and take away all the faithful human beings as Holy Angels. Jesus will defeat the Anti-Christ & all his followers. Jesus will come again soon as promised and establish the Holy Eternal Kingdom of Heaven in Power and Glory.

God bless U all in Jesus mighty name

Fable: the lost chapters, Appropriate?

i was thinking of buying Fable: the lost chapters, for my son, but i heard some unconfirmed things about the appropriateness’ level of it.
A) how bad is the "Strong Language"?
B)it says you can get married and have kids, does it show any nudity or sexual activity at all?
thx so much!

If your wealthy and someone doesn’t believe it and you offer the use of your vacation home for free

to them plus free meals to the best restaurants. Why would the person that doesn’t believe your wealthy not take you up on the deal? I’ve offered my home to 2 people, they would rather continue to accuse me of being wacko. I’ve given them the web site and have informed the property management co. All they would have to do is call and pick a 2 week block of time.

Would you find this to be rude?

I went to my friends party she was having for her son. Her son just turned a year old. Now I don’t have anything against babies, but I am afraid of holding them. I’m afraid to hold them because I am afraid I will drop them. So her oldest daughter asked me to hold the baby and I wouldn’t. Her daughter told me I was rude. I feel bad for not holding her son but I have always been afraid of hurting small children. So, am I rude? And do you or anyone else you know have a fear of holding small children because you afraid of dropping them?

Why do new towels not work?

You know the situation – you buy some lovely spanking new towels, with a really deep pile and extra soft. Problem is that when you try to dry yourself with them, they just move the water around rather than actually soaking it up.

What can you do (short of washing them hundreds of times) to make them more asorbent?

I’ve asked this many a time, so if I may yet again? What could this be (read below)?

Here are my symptoms:

-Mild to severe, chronic joint pain (Note: The pain/stiffness is spreading to my extremities and to the point when it is difficult to grip objects.)

-A recent blood test showed a low platelet count and a high belly ruben count. (Note: I do not do anything harmful to my body.)

-Overall, I am tired just about every day and I don’t feel up to normal, every day things sometimes. I’m mostly on my bed, lying down, on my computer. The most active thing I do is either doing an easy workout for thirty minutes or going to school.

-I overall don’t feel well, and I noticed that I am losing my appetite.

Any help would be helpful and appreciated. I know I’ve asked this many a time, but right now, I’m not getting a definite answer from my doctors. I’ve been to two specialists (a rheumatologist and my geneticist for my osteoporosis) and all I got out of it was that I don’t have arthritis and I have hyper-extended knees (which I already knew). [continued]

have you woke up to a new day? knowing that no matter what everything is going to be fine?

looking the mirror and seeing that you are Good and look great, and greeted the day for what it is a blessing…..
i want to say thankyou to all those that have helped me find this new day, i thankyou from the core of heart you’ve made this girl realise that she was and is who she is, peace be with you always

What is the maximum number of hairs that can come out of one follicle?

This question is inspired by the cure for baldness being described on the BBC website today.

I have one mutant hair on my chin – every few months, I get a really tender spot on my chin that itches like hell. Eventually, a mutant hair breaks through, which actually has five individual hairs coming out of one single hair follicle. It plucks out very easily and then heals up, until the next time.

Is my mutant hair worth a fortune to the hair transplanting industry? What is the maximum number of hairs that can come out of a single follicle?