Who will Hillary choose for the VP nomination? Certainly someone well versed in the Finances today.

American needs this experienced, intelligent, and strong woman to lead this country out of the mess it is in!!!!!
McCain is Bush’s pansy and stood by him even when he said things about his wife. I pride him in how he served his country but for goodness sake, he is no man that could run out country!!! P.S. Behind every great man is a great women – Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should the public transport system be brought back under public control?

Since the privatisation of the bus and rail services, we have seen less service for more cost. As well as the disasters at Hatfield, Potters Bar and Paddington.

In light of the subsidies given to these companies Is it now not time to bring the services back to the public sector?

are we heading for a stock market crash? are things getting as bad as it seems? and what are the

consequences if this happens???
i want to ask this cause i was directed to look at the financial things to day by a freind of mine he was saying that the dow had dropped by 500 points, then after about 3 hours or so it had dropped by another 300 points….
so he said that i should keep my eye on the ftse…
i am all new to this i don’t ever follow things like this…. but i now want to know the ins and outs of this can you help???
here is a link i have found today that shows that it is getting bad as well as america i think that america is worst but i honestly do not know so can you help this lady understand this please???
i really want to know what might happen…… http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2008/sep/30/banking.banks

peace be with you always

How would you have handled the GM Chrysler situation if you were President?

GM and Chysler did not meet some of the government’s key requirements for keeping its current loans. They also did not produce long term viability plan that they were required to produce. GM wants $16.6 billion more after failing to reach requirement as directed when the received the first $13 billion. Chrysler wanted $5 billion more.

President Obama’s response was to give Chrysler 30 days’ worth of funds to complete a partnership with Fiat. He asked CEO Rick Wagoner who’s leadership help put GM in the position they are and and who failed to reach loan requirements to step down. The President then gave GM 60 days worth of funding to reach those requirements under new leadership.

With the over 60s getting free travel on buses, is there a dedicated website designed to help the over 60s travel between Lands End and John O’Groats and all points in between?

If there isn’t, should there be?

Are there any helpful sites that fill the gap?

Buses are so fractionated it’d take a genius or a major nerd to find out how to get from the South Coast to the shores of Cardigan Bay using just free buses..

Any ideas?

What incentive is there to use public transport?

We are always hearing that we should use public transport or walk to help the environment. I don’t drive yet so I have no option but to use the bus or walk. I can see why many people continue to use their car though. The buses in my area are regular but not really suitable for people with prams or wheelchairs. I waited for nearly an hour the other day due to the fact that I had my nephew in his pram and of the ten buses that passed only one was able to take prams and the 2 "pram spaces" were already taken.
How can they get away with making so many buses wheelchair/pram unfriendly?

Will same people that criticized bailouts criticize Obama for denying more bailout for auto makers?

President Obama is rejecting requests for almost $22 billion taxpayer bailout money for General Motors Corp. and Chrysler. the President says neither GM nor Chrysler submitted acceptable plans to receive more bailout money and they failed to reach key requirement.

How will the people that are against bailouts but hate President Obama spin it to make it look like he was wrong to turn down a bailout? or will they say they thought what he is doing is right?

Did you have problem with iPod Shuffle?

I bought an iPod Shuffle and three weeks later I had problem. It did not recognized by windows and there was no way to fix it. I did some researches and found a lot of people with the same problem. The store that I bought the product ask me if I want to change for another Shuffle..no way. I took the mini … until now there is no problem.

I’m looking to buy a new Ipod shuffle… I want the dark blue one, and i used to have a silver…

thing is, i cant understand wtf they mean by blue and bright blue… Super target was out of stock of the dark blue one. I went on amazon.com and clicked blue. It showed the light blue one. then i clicked bright blue and it showed the one i wanted. thing is, I then clicked it to my list and when I later accessed it, it said i picked blue. I clicked the option to change to the other one but all it had was blue… advice? where can i get the dark blue one? Don’t want the ”cloud blue” one.

Have we been brainwashed to think that revolving credit is a good thing?

It used to be (ha!) that people waited until they could afford things before they bought them. Then it became commonplace to buy things and pay for them later. Owing money used to have a stigma attached (other than a home/car). They used to be called Second Mortgages and raised eyebrows. Now they’re called Home Equity Loans and everybody’s got one or wants one. What’s wrong with this picture? Is it advertising? Is it our government who needs our GNP to go up-up-up all the time? What would happen to our economy if everyone stopped using revolving credit? Is this credit card mentality going to be our economic downfall? Or our savior?

Laid off Wall Streeters got hired today to be the new Fed regulators in Washington D.C, ..good news?

Did you just hear that on the "Nightly Business Report" as well? ..Did they really mean it?

(..Were Bernie Madoff and Michael Milken also recruited?? LOL)

It was reported on the show that a "Recruitment Fair" was held in Manhattan by the Federal Government to hire all the people who are going to be needed to provide the diligent "oversight" necessary to "rein in" those squirrelly Wall Street financial commandoes, ..so the Federal government set up tables in the New York street, and recruited from down among those same bankers’ barracks which housed those warriors who pulled us into this black-hole of bailout spending in the first place.

It was said that, "They are the people who know best what to do". !!!!!!!!!

What?? ..the NY High Schools didn’t get anybody out this year???

Sheesh, ..can’t count on anything!!

..can’t count on anything!!

can’t count….

Worms game

Has anyone found a version of the pc game worms that is compatible with vista?

I’ve got a copy of worms armageddon and although it plays, it doesn’t seem to work as well as it did on my old win 98 system.

What is a Christian?

what does it take to be considered a real christian? what do Christians do? I just want to let people know that I have a relationship with God, although that relationship is personal & only I would really understand it, I want to know if that is even legit. to be a christian do you really have to be the tradition, believe all the old beliefs, or is it what you want, can it be personal?

Do you stay in a relationship for the kids where you don’t feel love, or do you move on? i’ve been

married 14 years. 1st 10 begged, pleaded and cried. he’d be more in tune with me and the kids for about 2 weeks then revert back. then i stopped caring. suddenly for last 2 years husband seems to care. i’ve recently realized i want more from life, but i just don’t want it with him. we really don’t even talk, no violence or alcohol. so, do you stay or move on?

Help me with a love situation:

20 years ago, we were very much in love. Reasons untold, we never married. Two decades later, we find ourselves in the same city, not 10 miles from each other. I’ve since divorced with two grown children. She’s still married but with 11-year-old son. She is VERY unhappy in her marriage to the point of hating to go home. PROBLEM: We’re both strongly bound by the Christian ethic of divorce. After 20 years, our love for each other is actually STRONGER than before. We cry every time we talk, but we’ve never allowed ourselves to meet for fear of doing something ‘wrong’. What should we do?

Christian Nation and Torture. Are these two ideas in conflict?

My point is not to say that we are a Christian Nation because I don’t believe that to be the case. Some of the same people who proclaim the USA to be a Christian Nation are now also defending the Bush administration torture practices. Just curious what others think about this. Is it Christian to torture or to defend the practice of torture? WHY or WHY NOT?

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The Science of Losing Things.

Is there a science behind losing things? Where do odd socks go? Paperclips and pens and so on.

In the last couple of years i have lost things and never seen them ever again. I have lost my passport, CDs, Scented Oils, a phone battery… i could go on. All these things i lost in my very small flat! Last year i bought a big bar of chocolate and put it in my cupboard and a few days later it was gone and i never saw it again but most bizarrely i was in the garden planting some bulbs with a trowel when i answered my phone, once the call was finished i put the phone away and i could not find the trowel anywhere!!!!

Whats your weirdest instance of losing something?