How is transport today in London?

Snow seems to be one of the many things that causes massive disruptions on the tube/buses – is it worth me trying to get into the centre of town, where I have many important things to do, or should I hope it’s better tomorrow?


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Steam from exhaust?

I have a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora, my husband put a new radiator in it and now there is steam coming from the exhaust pipes. It still runs and sounds good, it just smokes all the time. It looks like when you start your car on a cold morning, and you can see the exhaust, it looks like that all the time. Any suggestions?

If 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants returned to Mexico ,wouldn’t this strengthen each country ?

According to any liberal pro illegal immigrant lobby ,these folks all are her to work and better them selves .Most have many kids that are striving to be tops in there schools and all do good communities works. All are bilingual .Very few new comers are involved in crime or seek assistance. By sponsoring a mass round up the Obama administration could help both countries .Well educated and skilled labor flow back to Mexico ,all good and sound citizens . And than jobs open for the unemployed and peoples on assistance in this country ,a win win as pedro my old money hauling buddy would say.

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Birds and trains

Two trains are moving towards each others with a speed of 50 km/h.
A bird sitting on front of the one starts flying towards the other when the trains are 10 km apart.
The bird’s speed is 100 km/h, and when it touches the second train it turns back to the first one.
In this way it shuttles forth and back between the trains until it is crushed between them.
Question: How can we avoid such accidents?

Are you being served?

Press Assoc. – Monday, August 20 04:32 am

Police Community Support Officers solve one crime every six years, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures show PCSOs hand out fines for anti-social behaviour, public disorder or motoring offences at a rate of one every four months, according to the Daily Mail.

In several areas of the country, officers failed to detect a single crime over the past year, the paper claimed.

The figures state that forces where PCSOs failed to detect any offences include the West Midlands, which has 644 officers, Northumbria, which has 248 PCSOs, and Nottinghamshire which is served by 217 PCSOs.

The Police Federation’s Alan Gordon said: "PCSOs have been seen by some as a cheap alternative to police officers, who can make the public feel safe. But these figures show we were right to be concerned about what benefits they bring to the table."

In the past year the number of PCSOs nationwide has risen from 7,000 to 13,748.…

Has anyone watched the dvd Who Killed the Electric Car????

We were floored to watch this documentary–guess who Killed this already running car and was smashed because an oil man said no to the idea, there is one sitting in the basement of an museum, with people wanting to buy the one they were leased only to drive as a test car, But they were told NO. please watch this dvd that is our answer and it was turned down Please watch it we need HELP

dammaged bank notes. how dammaged do they need to be before a bank will replave it?

i was given a fiver as change in a shop. it had about 1 quarter missing at the opptsite end of the hollogram. the hologram and metal band were intact as was the single security number remaining. the bank didn’t want to replace it for me untill i caused a scene. the supervisor said that as the "i promise to pay the bearer the sumo of five pounds" was intact that they would change it for me. surley if you have a dammaged note they should replace it and log the number so that the other part can’t be used in the same way? and was the shop acting illegaly by giving me sush a severly dammaged note?

i didn’t notice it was dammaged as it was given with other notes, i just counted the change and pursed it. it looked like the immage above. i added the "sample" part

Do you think politics / money markets needs to be more accountable?

Given we have had to bail out the banks at a huge cost to us the tax payer do you believe it is time we who vote in politicians should force them to impose hefty fines and take back the bonuses money men have earned and now asked us (twice over) to pay for? what would you like to see done to ensure this doesn’t happen ever again?

Should i wait before i date someone else?

I dumped my girlfriend two weeks ago, i dressed up and changed back into LORD MONEY TALKS. I went out to a highly respected club and pulled the famous.. ME AND MY LOVE JUST BROKE UP MOVE. LOL… A move that my ex will also pull to counter when i set my plan into motion. I have already planned for the unexpected, and have some of her friends ready to make her look like a fool at the chosen time, in the anticipated event that one of her friends decide to feel sorry for her and tell her what’s going on, i have a plan for that also to make her look even more foolish.. But this is my question. My ex told me that if she see any women in my face, there will be hell for both of us to pay, should i wait a while or start dating someone else? My ex still has a set of keys to my house and lambo ( will not give them back )

Do you believe the Genesis creation "days" were long periods of time?

I believe the creation "days" were long periods of time spanning billions of years. Science affirms biblical creation and refutes darwinian evolution. The Hebrew word yom, translated as "day" can also mean "an indefinite period of time" as in Genesis 2:4. Boqer for "morning" can also mean "beginning", and ereb for "evening" can also mean "completion". Also, the 7th "day" is never closed out. The events of the 6th day had to take place over much longer period of time than 24hrs. Also, the sabbath for land was a year, but the sabbath for man was a day. In the same way, the earth is much older than humans.

Why aren’t we pushing harder for better fuel economy in cars?

Oil is not going to become more plentiful – EVER.

Why aren’t we pushing for more hybrids or all-electric cars? Only GM is working on an all-electric car slated for 2010, and that’s not 100% certain.

Why aren’t we generally pushing for 45 MPG or better on as many vehicles as we can?

Wars have been waged and won with a dedicated American work force. Where is that ingenuity and drive today?

Which nationality of men make the ‘best’ husbands?

I’d love to know the statistical analysis of this (for example, the marriage of British women to, say, Americans tend to last * years, compared to * years for those married to Australians).

Do specific (stereotypical) characteristics of different nationalities make a difference to how good they are perceived to be by British women? For example, French husbands could be said to believe that having a mistress is perfectly acceptable. Or those from a more ‘traditional’ male/female role model society (I’m thinking of South Africa, but that might be unfair) might think that the husband still earns the money whilst the wife runs around after him.

Stereotypes welcome for this question, as long as they are not offensive.

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If you want real facts, what is the best breed of Dog?

If they are talking about International Breed, Huskies are the best breed. They are not meant to live in a hot country where climates are very delicates to them. They are also good family pets and also for Dog Shows. If they want only Bodyguard dogs, Rottweilers and German Shepherds are the best. For children to play around at home, it’s good to have jack russel or beagles , maltese or yorkshire terriers. Have you got the facts?