With Woolworths on the brink of closure, what shop/s do you miss from the past, and which shop would you correspondingly be glad to see the back of?

The best shop from the past was called Marriotts which used to stock Airfix and Action man stuff. It was an Alladin’s cave of excitement for me. It’s now a dry cleaners.

I would be glad to see the back of TK Maxx because it is so soulless and sells rubbish housewares like dark wood fruit bowls. The place has row upon row of tat.
Even the signs are completely lacking in any innovation.

Does anyone Have a Slider Remix Cell Phone Know How To keep incoming and out going numbers from DEL

You know how to keep a person that uses your Slider Remix phone from DEleting the Incoming and Outgoing & missed call number from your Phone?? I have a Teen Daughter that uses my Phone and I think she has a Grown man that either she calls or call her while she’s using it. Are they a way to Password Protect that from the numbers being Deleted?? Thank You For Your Comments

Have School Teachers found a new way to do their xmas shopping

My granddaughter told me last night that the teachers were taken them to a designer shopping centre to do some shopping.At 14 years of age I think she knows how to shop.So wondered if this was an excuse for teachers doing their shopping as they did not have time to do it in their own time

Do you know if there’s a way to add extra items to an amazon order that hasn’t yet dispatched?

I’ve got an order that won’t dispatch for a few more weeks (because the – ahem – Caligula DVD isn’t released til the 29th). I also want to buy another book. I’d like to add it to the existing order so that it can be bundled in with the free postage. But I can’t seem to see a way of doing this. Is it possible, does anyone know? And if so, how might I go about doing it?

verizon wireless blogs billing problems, third party billing

Can some explain to me why a credit card company and paypal also banks when the see a possible billing problem or unusual charges being made charge on your account will call you about the charges, but verizon wireless lets the bill get up over $600.00 than tells you sorry third party billing nothing we can do about it? My thirteen year old child did this to me who lives in FL. with her aunt, I live in CA so we brought her the phone to keep in contact with me. Verizon is saying the $600.00 is third party billing, where is the credit card needed for that. Watch out for those FREE RINGTONES AND TEXT MESSAGES, that is out they got me, with the third party billing, including EBAY sending her downloads.

More… opening lines this time…

1. Each night I feel the distance that has grown between us open up as lonely as the space between the stars.

2. Games, changes and fears, When will they go from here, When will they stop ?

3. I’m in a lonely room,
Hank Williams sings the Lovesick Blues,
Winter’s walking up the avenue,
And I ain’t seen the sunshine since the 6th of June,
But I’ll tell you this…

4. Is it my imagination
Or have I finally found something worth living for?

5. The way you’re bathed in light,
Reminds me of that night,
God laid me down into your rose garden of trust…

A neighbour of mine has decided to put a huge rock on the corner of his grass to stop some kids driving across his grass. The brick is about quater of a meter high and hangs over the edge of his grass.

Where he has got the tipper truck to put the rock is also the corner to a private car park that 10 other residents use. I myself have scratched my car accidently by turning in the car park and my father in law scrapped his car all along one side actually moving the rock back from the edge. Surely to put an obstruction like this on your property to stop people cutting over the edge of your grass it would have to be a certain height or even lit up at night so you can see it? Anyone know the law?

Which concerns you most a) the fact it’s quite easy to obtain an EU passport and enter the UK (illegally) or b) unguarded missile and weapon stockpiles in former USSR countries?

Option a) means someone can enter the UK and claim benefits, housing and medicine amongst other things and option b) means ‘undesirables’ could get their hands on guns, missles and ammunition to kill, maim, attack and persecute others. Due to the range though, it’s unlikely to have any direct effect on the UK.

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What is the value of Biometric Passports?

I have just replaced my passport by post (with the British Consulate in Germany) and have been issued with a biometric passport containing a small chip.

It seems that all it contains is an encoded digital description of my photo.

What is the value of this as the same information is available by looking at me and my photo?

Is this all a gimmick to con us into thinking we are safer?

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Where are my daughters passports

My daughters filled out all the paper work for passports. It has been 11 wekks no passport and the numbers to call just hang up or no reps available. The website just says they are processing. Does anyone know any other way to check on thier passports. Please help they are suppose to go to Scottland the middle of June.

Opinion Time!

Which of these celebrities creeps you out more?

Michael Jackson, and his hideous silly putty shaped nose and pasty white complexion. Not to mention his notable attempt at personally having his child bungee jump off the balcony of a hotel.

Pee Wee Herman, and his public masturbation rituals.

Ernest Borgnine, who in a recent interview, said that his secret to a long and healthy life was frequent and vigorous masturbation. (I can’t tell you how disturbing this was to hear).

Angelina Jolie, who seems to adopt a dozen new foreign children each week.

Britney Spears who gives all Americans a bad name. Most notably the poster girl for white trash.

Any opinions or anyone that you would like to mention, that I neglected to mention, please feel free to contribute however you see fit! This is just for fun!

Whats the Best way for Me to make an Hedgehog shelter for winter?

I forgot to ask this earlier, last night was sat out on my step in the dark, and heard a noise comming from my garden where the lavender plants are. Now i thought it was this pesky cat, untill i looked and saw a Hedgehog having a wonderful feast on the snails and slugs. (i did take photo on my mobile phone.)
Because of my condition and money being tight, i loved to make some sort of shelter for them to hibernate to in Winter, 1 corner of my garden as a wall and is quite secluded, and also have a bit of willow screen left. Can any-one please come up with some good ideas of building a shelter for them. (i can easily collect leaves for them to hide under.)

Why do people think that wind farms are ugly?

I live in Holland and some things are ugly but I’ve always thought they look great! Hardly anyone here thinks they’re ugly. There even in a Pink Floyd video! I love the way they’re positioned following the formation of migrating geese. When you drive past a line of them you often get a straight on panning view showing the way they work together.

I know that they can present problems to birds (Maybe hang gliders too!).

Maybe it’s about whether we view the countryside as a resource to produce the things we need (Hopefully as eco as poss.) or see it as, "Scenery" that must be preserved as it looks and has always done

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I live in France, I can buy 300 cigarettes in Andorra to take back to France, after say three months can I take those cigarettes into the UK duty free or not?

The regulations state you can take into the UK an unlimited amount of cigarettes within reason from an EU country back into the UK can I include these cigarettes bought in Andorra?

Countries mentioned in this Post: France, United Kingdom, Andorra

How can I create an outlook express template, that REPLY keeps the same structure and message below?

When I am trying to create an outlook template, the following occurs. I am sending an e-mail with the template I created. The receiver receives an e-mail with the same template I sent (it keeps the fields and content as I sent), but when he is replying on it, the original message below changed. Only subject field and message fields are going to the TO addresses after replying or forwarding the message. I need to send an e-mail with the created template (created text fields and form) that when the person who receives and replies to my template message, I will see below which message exactly did I send to that person.

Can someone help me please?

What physical feature do ‘smell’ and ‘taste’ measure? Pls see Q details before answering.

I asked this question some time ago, but have never received a satisfactory answer. So here it is again.

Sight measures the ability of an object to reflect photons in the ~400 – ~700nm range. Hearing detects the change in pressure caused by the vibrations of an object in the 20-20,000 Hz range. Touch detects the physical shape of an object, the force exerted by the object (including surface tension), and its ability to transmit infrared radiation (heat). That leaves smell and taste, which are inter-related. So what physical property do they measure in order to determine the concentration of a particular molecule in its particular medium? How is thie related to the structure of taste buds and olfactory nerves?

Re the book club question, any ideas see below:

Have put a new thread on the forum.
In reference to my book club question the other day, does anyone have any ideas how we could utilise the forum for this purpose??
The idea of downloadable books is a good one because not everyone can access books re cost/location, and in some cases an audio book may be handy because it can be listened to whilst completeing other tasks(well by the women anyway(JOKE))…so all helpful suggestions appreciated
Have planted a thread in the book club section on the forum please use that to respond to this question…
Scroll down -front page of forum-section book club…