What are my rights regarding a cancelled flight

I booked and paid for a flight in April to fly to Zimbabwe in December 2007, this flight has now been cancelled and I am being asked to pay extra to have this flight re booked, through South Africa, my dates and destination have not changed, is it correct that I must now pay more?

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Airport security: are they asking too much

On the news I just saw a chap from Manchester Airport asking the government to pay for their security bill, saying it was "unfair" that they had to pay it themselves. Isn’t it a bit cheeky that a massively profitable industry which already enjoys tax-free fuel is now asking for subsidies from Joe Public too?

Planning Permission for Garden Outbuilding in Conservation Area

We live on a large modern housing estate and have recently discovered we are in a Conservation Area.

We have a timber garden outbuilding measuring 30′ x 8′ which is in excess of what’s allowed in a Conservation Area without requesting planning consent.

It’s been in place since November 2000 – could the Council request us to demolish it? What is our position? I’ve heard there is a 4 year or 7 year rule suggesting the Council can take no action but we’re very uncertain…

All advice is appreciated.

Thank You!

What type of game is World of Warcraft?

Is it on the same par as Role play games, such as Tomb raider, Final Fantasy etc, wher you have to do quests etc.
I seen it advertised many times and i did d/load it 2 year ago, but couldnt really get on with it. Is it any good and is it safe? (heard stories where people have been hacked inot and stolen their account etc.)

How would you sleep at night if…

You ran a company such as Coke, or a cigarette brand? Would it only be the money that helps you sleep at night, knowing that you are selling something that damages health? Or do you believe that you are simply producing a product and it is down to the individual whether they buy it or not?

Is there any evidence………….

behind the davinci code theory? Do you believe Magdaline appears in the last supper painting? Did davinci hide any other clues in the painting about his religious theories/beliefs? Are there any other theories that you believe suppliment this theory?

Also has anyone read ‘The Last Supper’ about the painting of the the last supper by Leonado Davinci. If so do you think the theories explored in this are more realistic than the davinci code theories?

Gabriel Heinze want to leave Man United to go to Liverpool. Man U will not sell him to Liverpool. Isn`t this a bit laughable. I bet if Liverpool offered 30 million they would sell him.

Do you think this is taking sporting rivalry too far. Players move between London clubs. " Transfers between the two north-west rivals are rare and the last first-team player to move from United to Liverpool was Phil Chisnall in 1964".
I know some of you will go boo , it`s only football.

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Will any Members be Remembering the Awful event of September the 11th tomorrow?

I will be. I saw it on telly as it happened. (i was very ill in bed at the time.) I will be remembering because not of only the victims but also the rescue workers , more so the firemen who had the horrid task of getting the bodies out. (my cousin is a fireman here in U.K. and i knew how he felt when he spoke about it.)
Some-one summed this awful day beautifully.
"Quote The sense of world unity born of that event was soul stirring.

For once the thoughts of WW3 were not all that scary..

All the players appeared to have joined the same team

I dont want to see any consparcy stories ect. Just like to know will you be remembering them just as we remember Remembrance day ?

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How far can government claim responsibility for, or be accused of causing, unemployment figures?

This latest rash of job losses seems to have stemmed from the banking crisis, which (I think) is the direct cause of the global recession (please correct me if I am wrong).

In which case, the government could only be said to be responsible for not adequately supervising the banking system (and since the problems originated in the USA, the US government is the one ultimately responsible), so its responsibility for job losses is actually fairly tenuous.

So, if the downturn in the economy is due to forces beyond our Government’s control, surely the ‘boom’ period is similarly unrelated to Government policy? And if this is the case, the government has bog all to do with how many people *were* employed when the number of registered unemployed hit its early noughties low.

So why is employment level often used by governments and opposition parties as a measure of how well they are performing?

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would England’s football team do less badly if League Clubs were restricted from employing so many foreign players.

This point was made by Steve Coppell the day before Israel V England. He said England will continue to struggle unless top Premier league clubs produce more "home bred players" At start of current campaign there were 340 registered foreigners playing in top flight, and out of top four Premiership clubs there were only 11 English born players starting last league fixture prior England’s humiliation in Tel Aviv. Man Utd and Chelsea four each, Liverpool two and Arsenal just one. Would some such rule like in cricket of (say) no more than two non English born players in any league club being allowed in any league or FA Cup match help England do less appallingly in future?

Tel Aviv

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Are you permitted to do any work on a second job during maternity leave?

A friend has got her main, full-time job, but she also does some temporary evening work to supplement her income. When she goes on maternity leave (and will be receiving Statutory Maternity Pay), does this mean that she’ll have to stop doing her other bits and pieces, too? If she continues with the other work (for which she is registered as self-employed), will she lose her maternity pay from her main job? How will this affect her maternity leave from her main job?

(I know that you can have ten ‘contact’ days during maternity leave when you return to work to catch up or to keep up to date with essential training, but the extra work I am referring to would not be included in this.)

Formula 1, Is it all over?

What a fantastic finale to the F1 season.

The performance of the best driver the sport has ever seen (IMHO) was outstanding. Alonso did what he needed to do. Massa stunning drive from start of qualifying right until the chequered flag. Button, unfortunate he didn’t start further up the grid but a brilliant race none the less.

People seem to think that now Michael Schumacher has retired that F1 will die a death; Not me, with some of the performances that were shown today, next season it can only get better.

What are your thoughts?

How long will I need to train for a marathon?

I’ve tried several times to get into shape and lose weight but diets are just not my thing (I do eat reasonably well but just can’t do the diet thing) and aimlessly going to the gym every so often in the random hope of losing some weight off my tummy never seems to work.
Because of this i’ve decided that the best way to get myself motivated is to actually have some sort of goal and then the losing weight/getting fit bit will just be a happy side effect of training to do something worthwhile.

So basically…as crazy as it might sound, I’ve thought that goal could be running a marathon. Hmm.

At the moment I’m slightly overweight and really not in very good fitness, e.g. get pretty tired running for a bus…haha.

Anyways, so here are my questions for you all:
– Is a marathon taking on abit too much? I
– If so, does anyone has any suggestions on any other events which might be better for me?
– But if it seems like a fair idea;
a) How long will I need to get myself in shape for it?
b) Does anyone have any training tips?

Thanks in advance!

What regulations govern the sale of cold ‘sweets’ like menthol sweets?

I went through the self-checkout at Sainsbury’s today, and had some Honey & Lemon menthol sweets in my basket. When I scanned them, it flashed up a message saying that approval was needed to buy these (the cashier needed to check that I was over 16).

Looking at the packaging, there is nothing to say that you shouldn’t consume more than X sweets in a day, or any warning of any kind about consumption levels.

What hazard could this type of sweet cause to under 16s, and is it merely a policy of Sainsbury’s to be over-cautious, or should these sweets genuinely fall into the same class as painkillers, cigarettes and riding a scooter?