I am starting to have a serious sort out at home and was wondering on the best way to get rid of some of my unwanted Junk?

I don’t want to but it on ebay as they and paypal take a whacking great percentage out of everything you sell, but on the onther hand I don’t want to give the good stuff away, any ideas on what options there are other than ebay and the newspaper.

Warm water freezes faster than cold water, but to the best of my knowledge cold water does not boil faster than warm water. What other examples can you make where perceived opposites don’t react in lab experiments as a layman might predict?

ok not the best phrased question but after 3 brandy’s (one to warm me up before going outside to so I could clean the inside of the hire car and 2 to revive me afterwards…..well that’s my excuse) it was the best I can do lol

Bamboo height on boundary….

I’m thinking of using bamboo to shield me from view from a rather nasty neighbour. All the legislation I can find refers to hedges and trees, but bamboo is a grass. Does that mean I can plant as much as I like and let it get as high as I like?

Obviously, I’ll be going for a bamboo variety that doesn’t spread (or is easily controlled).

What makes a good film or TV adaptation of a book?

I’m currently watching a BBC version of Dracula from the 70s which claims to be the most faithful adaptation of the story ever made. It’s got the events and the dialogue and the period trappings more or less right, but seems to have missed the point that Dracula is meant to be a horror story. Is it better to get the details right, or is it more important to try to capture the essence of the books?

I’ve yet to see a Dickens adaptation that comes close to the real Dickens, while Jane Austen seems to do quite well – are certain types of book more adaptable than others? And fans of Harry Potter are always banging on about bits from the books that are missing from the films – does that matter?

Which are the best adaptations you’ve seen, and what makes them stand out?

(ignore any earlier version of this question I might have posted. Something went wrong. Badly wrong.)

How much warmer, on average, is the ground than the air?

As my car has an external thermometer, I know the external air temperature. However, even when that tells me is is -3 degrees celsius, there are often puddles by the side of the road.

Now I know that the Earth absorbs solar energy during the day, which is releases at night, but how much warmer is the surface of the road than the surrounding air? What temperature does the air have to be and for how long before it cools puddles enough to freeze them?

Why does ice make such beautiful patterns on your car windscreen?

This morning, I defrosted my car using warm water. Unfortunately, I then realised I had forgotten something, and by the time I got back to my car, the water I had poured over it had frozen in to the most beautiful (if rather irritating) patterns.

What causes ice crystals to form in this way? If you magnified the usual thin layer of ice on a car, would the crystals follow the same shape (albeit much smaller)?

How can HHO Generators produce energy savings when considering the law of energy conservation?

HHO generators are being advertised for car use to help reduce fuel consumption in combustion engines.
Water is split by electrolysis (often using stainless steel electrodes and a little baking soda to make a good electrolyte)
The electrolysis runs from the 12v supply available and typically draws about 10 amps.
The split hydrogen and oxygen are then fed back into the inlet manifolds of the engine and burnt instead of some of the petrol.
(the fuel mixture is then leaned off and less petrol used)
HHO gas is also known as Browns gas.

Fuel saving claims are stated to be about 20% – 50%,
so an engine producing say 100horsepower (75kw) is getting say 35% of this power for free.
…. so thats 26kw for nothing.
….. well OK for 12v at 10A …. so for 120w …. 0.12kw

Is there some other energy input into the system?
…. is there some earth resonance thing we’re tapping into when breaking water bonds that just releases extra energy?
….. it sounds far fetched, and I’m a bit sceptical since companies are making money out of these claims, but … on the other hand most steady energy systems which are broken by a claimed surplus of energy seem to revolve about water somewhere in the system …. Is there something in it?
….. Is there more science here yet to be explained?


If cats dont like Water, why do the love fish then?

Cod, Coley is like catnip to 2 of my boys.They follow you to ends of the world with you just to get some. So prompted me to ask question, If cats dont like getting wet, how come some cats go nuts over fish? ( got this image of a cat standing like the bears do at a river side trying to catch salmon, but thinking twice about getting their paws wet.!!) just pondering. I do know there is a Breed of cat who adores water and will swim in it, and thats the Turkish van cat.

New Years Eve firework displays

Evidently, this years display in London cost an amazing 1 million pounds. Who knows how much the others cost around the country.
Who payes for these displays and is it justified when councils are saying they have no money, to run old peoples homes, the government say thay have no money but donate regularly to third world dictatorships, whilst shutting down NHS wards.


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Is it just me or do the police like to cause as much disruption….

…. to traffic as they can? I just passed a two car back-end shunt with minor damages. This on the busiest route from central southern England to the midlands and north (A34) on a Bank Holiday week-end Friday afternoon. The two cars were still on the main carriageway(despite there being a lay-by alongside), with three police cars in attendance and one ambulance, and a fourth police car just arriving on the scene. The result a rapidly lengthening tail-back over 7 miles long!

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Is oxygenated water a hoax?

This is a followup to a question I asked a week back on what oxygenated water was. As I was reading the answers and doing some searching based on the links I was getting conflicting ideas – some saying its good for you etc other saying its just pseudoscience and drinking it doesn’t change anything.
So does anyone have any clue as to whether it is a hoax or not and if so (not) why (why not)?

How can my Cousin get a British passport for his daughter

His partner is from New Zealand, they are having difficulty obtaining their daughters passport, and hope to travel to visit her family in (in NZ) November. They have been told they can’t get a British Passport, only a NZ one. Therefore their daughter will have difficulty re-entering the UK, on their return.
Can anyone help, please?

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What are the ‘must do’/ ‘must see’ things in New York other than the usual (Statue of Liberty/Empire State building)?

I am going to New York on the 22nd November for 4 days. Is there anything special happening that weekend that I shouldnt miss out on? (is it thanksgiving, if so are there any celebrations)? What are the things/places you would recommend doing/seeing from experience or word of mouth?

New York

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A Sunday in Stratford Upon Avon – what to do

I am on a trip and will be spending 1 Sunday in Stratford on the way home from London – what suggestions do you have for me + my sister in Law to do (did the shakespeare trip 22 years ago but wouldn’t object to a few quick visits) think we have a few hours there


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