What do you shout on the first day of the month?

According to htdg’s interesting link (check it out) to my Peacock Feather question below, his site about superstitions in Britain says we all go around shouting "White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit" on the first of each month!

News to me!

Maybe I have been living in a different Britain.

What DO we all shout?

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Has anyone ever grown rice in a paddy field in England? Is it possible?

Mrs P-Kasso says that the only reason she failed her Geograhy O Level is because it had a question on where do people grow rice in paddy fields.

She answered confidently "Lincolnshire".

Which set me thinking. Has anyone grown rice in paddy fields in the UK?

Is it climatically possible? What are the advantages?

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Nokia 5800

Does anyone have the Nokia 5800 yet. I went to Vodafone today to have a look at it but was a bit rushed when trying. Just have a few questions about the phone. Does it have a full web browser via 3G or does it just have WAP browser and is this the same when on a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks

Do you have any rights to stop commercial vehicles from parking outside your house?

One of my neighbours keeps parking his van (a Motorway-maintenance style one with lots of flourescent and reflective stickers on it) outside another neighbour’s house, rather than parking it on his own drive. Other than politely asking him to refrain, are there any rules about the parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas? Or can you park them anywhere, as long as it is parked safely, on a public road?

Would we be better off if the government withdraws its support for banks?

An economist on Radio 4 last night said that if the government had let the banks collapse, we’d have had a rough time for a few months, but the effects would be far less severe than the decades of repayments that we’ll face now.

Who would have been the major losers if the banks had gone down, and how would this have affected the wider economy?

law. I have been caught speeding. I have bee charged with exceeding 70mph on a dual carraigeway(91mph) The video evidence has me doing 82mph. Is this indiscrepency enough to get me off.

I am a Commando on a seven month tour of Afghanistan. I will not be home until late April early May 2007. I have no accsess to a lawyer. I would be very gratefull if some one could clarify that a 9mph discrepency in the charge and the evidence presented by the video reader, is this enough for me to avoid a speeding ban. Thankyou. Cpl Dan Bohan. 59 Independant Commando Squadron.

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How many people are legally allowed to travel in a car designed for a driver and four passengers?

I was intrigued by this story, about a man who was stopped after 13 people were crammed into his Volvo.

If a car has just five seats, it is breaking the law to have more than five in it?

One of the reasons this intrigues me is that many moons ago (when I was 18), I had an accident where I hit another car that had seven people in it. I know that the people in the other car claimed for whiplash injuries (fair do, the accident was my fault) but none of them were wearing seatbelts, and there were five people, including three children, crammed into the three seats in the back. Were they breaking the law?

What is the best thing to do if you spot someone driving like a nutter when you are driving down the motorway?

My first instinct is to reach for the phone and contact the police before their ridiculous behaviour gets someone killed, but if I did that, I’d be breaking the law.

So what is the correct, responsible thing to do?

The incident that has prompted this was a nutter in a white van (what else?) who was weaving in and out of traffic on the M1 this afternoon in the 50mph speed restricted zone – he missed me by inches as he pulled into the gap between me and the car in front, and then weaved his way (to the salute of lots of car horns) in and out of the traffic.

So, what should I have done? Note the reg number and then wait until the next services to pull over and contact the police? If so, what number should I have called? What else can you do if you are in the car on your own? My phone is hands free in the car, but still…

I was caught speeding on the motorway! But…

Like i said i was caught speeding on the M1 today on my motorcycle. Yeah hands up i was over the limit, but come on? who can say hand on heart that they have never ever went above the speed limit?? anyone? Well when i was sat in the police car he explained to me that he could not get the on board video recorder to work? and the only thing he had was some trip counter which measured the average speed of his vehicle over a distance? Which clocked upto 111mph. which says to me he was speeding! I did not see any blue flashing light or hear any sirens? So my question is the have no real eveidence against me? can they still fine me? Because the way i see it its his word against mine? There is no video or picture evedence? what can the do?? And dont forget!! lean like you mean it!!!

What would you do

if you got six points on your driving licence in the first two years then took your test again passed and got three points then got a letter through the post saying you had been caught speeding (which you had but by an arrive alive van) so if you admitted it you would lose your licence again and be banned for a certain amount of time? how could you possibly get away with not losing your licence?

Driving with a cast.

I have a full leg cast on my left leg, I have learnt on a manual but not taken my test. Would it be legal for me to drive, and take my test in an automatic car, considering I will be in a cast for 6 months, and may have a paralysed foot but do not actually need that leg for driving?

If someone has been arrested for driving offences 4 previous times what is the likelyhood of going to prison the 5th time for no insurance or licence?

A close memeber of my family has been banned twice, had there licence revoked, and has had probation and commiunty service for driving on a ban in the past the last offence was 3 years ago, they were caught driving with no licence or insurance very recently, they havent had the court letter through yet but we are all worried they will go to prison, does anyone no the likely hood of this?

Caught driving with no active insurance in place

i had insurance but due to banking errors the money was not taken from my bank account. I thought i was insured and was driving the car when got caught through ANPR road block. The police were going to seize my car but instead gave me a producer for my docs.
My car has full MOT, tax, i have a full driving licence and NO POINTS on my licence, but when i spoke to my insurance company this morning they told me they cancelled the insurance due to lack of payment – i.e. direct debit not taken.
I understand in the eyes of the law i was driving without insurance. Cost of insurance these days and never having points on my licence i would really not like any now.
What do i do? I have to show the police my docs which i have but the insurance cover note is technically invaild.
What happens next – i am guessing that i will be sent to court – whats the max sentence i am likely to receive?

What is the correct procedure to follow if you happen to soak someone by splashing your car through a puddle?

In the past week, I’ve seen news reports where a driving student failed her test after soaking someone, and was told by the instructor that she should have stopped and exchanged details, as this was technically an accident.

However, Scottish police have complained that someone dialled 999 after being the victim of such a splashing (which, if the examiner was correct) was probably quite proper, given than someone had had an ‘accident’ and failed to stop.

What should you do? And if you have ever done this, what did you do?
(I have, when I was driving along a flooded road. I tried to slow down, but just succeeded in soaking them from the knees down, rather than head to foot. Much to my shame, I didn’t stop to apologise!)

What might be a reason for the engine malfunction light to show on my dash?

I have a (nearly) four year old Ford Focus. I bought it last december from a garage and until monday night it had been mechanically sound. Suddenly, driving home the accelerator became "spongey" and ineffective and the light lit up on the dash. I pulled over immediately and turned the engine off. When i restarted the car it was slightly over-revving and the light remained on. I managed to drive the short distance home and there weren’t any further problems with the accelerator(the light was still on)and it was still over-revving slightly. I haven’t driven it since and have booked it into the garage. I was just wondering what might be wrong. I need to gauge how much cash i might need to get it fixed!! I dont want an exact answer, just an idea maybe of the sort of thing it might be……

What should you do if you see an example of diabolical driving and parenting?

There’s a story in the news today about a mother, four times over the drink-drive limit, whose 5 year old daughter was rescued from the car by a passer-by when she was hammering on the window, asking for someone to stop her mummy driving.

This reminds me of something I saw on Friday – a car was stopped at traffic lights and a small child (aged 3 or 4, at a guess) was stood on the passenger seat with her head out of the window. No seat belt, just stood on the seat.

In this situation (I saw it as I drove past), what is the correct thing to do? Turn round and take the registration number of the car? Stop and try to take a photograph to prove how reckless the parent is being? Stop and get straight on the phone to the police?

Why do drivers find it so hard to understand roundabouts?

I get really frustrated by roundabouts – particularly when people who are turning left on a three lane roundabout ‘wander’ into the middle lane as they drive a straight line from roundabout entrance to exit, even when there are lines marked on the road.

Why is the roundabout such a difficult concept to master? Should all drivers have to take more regular competency tests?

Are you breaking the law without knowing it?

The UK photo driving license only lasts for 10 years, unlike the old paper one which lasts until you are 70.

Not that many people are aware of this 10 year limit.

Now that the new licenses are just over 10 years old, the first ones have expired and people are being caught driving around without a valid license, completely unaware of the fact that they’re committing a crime.

If you weren’t aware of this limitation (and it would never have occurred to me that mine isn’t far off needing renewal) the expiry date appears as part 4b on the pink license card, just above the driver number.

Could be useful, now that the police are going to try to make criminals out of everybody in order to hang onto their database…!

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Birmingham or Basra? How come our peace keepers can kill people in Basra but our peace keepers in Britain can’t toss a yob in a wheelie bin in Britain without getting slated? Double standards or what?

I’m a pacifist but society works best when all the horses are hitched pulling in the same direction. Why do one set of our nominated peace keepers have to face different rules and regs?

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What legal rights from the list below does not apply to teenagers in other parts of the UK at age 16?

A teenager in Scotland is classed as an adult at 16. So at 16 a teenager in Scotland can do any of the following from the list below. I want to know how it differs from the rest of the UK, so what from the list does not apply to teenagers from any other part of the UK?

* Marry
* Register a civil partnership
* If you are female, legally consent to sexual intercourse with a male (if under this age the male could be prosecuted)
* If you are male, lawfully consent to sex in private with another male
* Leave home without your parents/guardians’ consent
* Leave school (depending on school leaving dates)
* Apply for your own home through your local council
* Have access to more banking facilities including all adult services (except overdrafts and credit)
* Apply for an adult passport
* Buy wine, beer, cider or perry (i.e Babycham) to drink in a restaurant with a meal, but you cannot buy it in a bar, off-licence or supermarket
* Join a trade union
* Drive a moped, invalid carriage, small agricultural tractor, or mowing machine
* Must pay National Insurance contributions if employed
* Choose your own GP
* Pay NHS prescription charges and dental charges if no longer at school
* Change your name without the consent of parent or guardian
* Be sent to a young offenders institution
* Be dealt with by the criminal court system if you commit a criminal offence (although it is possible that you could go through the Children’s Panel system if this is deemed more appropriate)
* Buy a National Lottery ticket or scratch card (note: no age restriction on a private lottery ticket)
* Become a member of a Community Council
* If adopted, get information about your natural parents
* Join the armed forces (male), although you will need your parents/guardians’ permission as you are under 18
* Baby-sit (although the law doesn’t specify an age at which you are allowed to baby-sit). Generally if you are aged 16 or over you will be considered capable. Parents who allow you to baby-sit for their child when you are under 16 could face prosecution if the child comes to any harm while in your care

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