ARDETI is a website dedicated solely and exclusively to trade handmade products. The aim is to provide an overall craft space where all people can put on sale their products in an easy, fast and economical way. Here, everyone can have for free his shop to show the world the most beautiful and original works that are emerging from the combination of materials, good taste and affection.
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Twisted Gourmet Inc

Twisted Gourmet Inc is one of the latest addition to the fast growing line of catering services in the Philippines. Its goals are to provide a complete range of catering services, elegant dining set up, and excellent cuisine. The kitchen is under the stewardship of five culinary graduates, who are passionate about cooking, who graduated from an intensive culinary diploma degree course, and who all are aspiring to become leaders in the catering business. They are a new breed of entrepreneurs with culinary skills who still look back to their roots and bring elegance and style to tradition.

Twisted Gourmet’s menu varies from Filipino Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, American Cuisine and European Cuisine. Currently there are thirteen set menus, two merienda menus, two kiddie menus, a breakfast menu and a specialty menu. As a company its goals are to produce food that is festive, delicious and satisfying to the senses.
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TradeNet is a market information service for farmers and traders throughout the world, but focused mostly on Africa and mostly on agriculture. TradeNet is the first of its kind in Africa, allowing users to register their mobiles and get SMS alerts of prices and offers. Unlike most market information services, TradeNet is unique in providing the service for free to users, and getting sponsors and mobile networks to cover the cost of providing the service.

The brainchild of Mark Davies, a British internet entrepreneur, TradeNet was established in 2006 with the partnership of CGIAR, Mistowa, USAID and FoodNet. It is currently in 12 countries and covers over 300 markets.

Good Feet Store

The Good Feet Store was the first and is still the leader in its market segment, franchised Foot Care stores. Previously the domain of small private podiatrists and a small section in the local drug store, since the late 1990s, this has grown into a billion dollar industry. The success of the Good Feet Store brand has spawned many competitors and imitators, including Phase IV, Foot Solutions and New Feet.

The key to the start of this industry was the spread of a general use orthotic. The first was invented by Romanian/German Podiatrist Georg Alzner in the 1940s. You can connect the dots to see why and who in Germany at that time might have funded a podiatrist to research devices to improve foot comfort., Alzner’s theory was; there is a proper shape where the foot works properly, with weight evenly distributed. He thought a device could be designed to cause any foot to form the proper shape.

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George Alexander Briscoe

‘George Alexander Hamilton Briscoe’, son of Caleb was born on April 19 1812 in Kent Co. Maryland. Many of his relatives eventually moved west and settled in Claiborne Co. Mississippi. When George came of age he journeyed west as well establishing a considerable estate with many slaves. In about 1839 he married, Emily Elliott Briscoe a distant relative and daughter to Gen. Parmenas Briscoe. The Geo. Briscoe Plantation was situated near Port Gibson, a picturesque Mississippi river town north of Natchez. Five children were born to George and Emily; George Leigh, Lucy Ann, John Pennington, Edward Parmenas, and Samuel Montgomery. The Mississippi gubernatorial election of 1851 created a substantial amount of controversy and the eventual election of Whig candidate, Henry S. Foote, was the last straw to many States’ rights Democrats. Among them was a bitter George Briscoe of Port Gibson. Oakland College Superintendent Sam’l. Chamberlain, a known abolitionist, openly defended the college faculty for suspending students who delivered a States’ rights speech at the campus during the election, as well as comments to the effect of “no man could be a secessionist and a Christian.” On the night September 5 the disgruntled and intoxicated Mr. Briscoe rode to the home of Chamberlain where he ordered the school dean outside. During the confrontation and the passion of the moment, Briscoe stabbed Chamberlain until he bled to death in front of his home. George rode to his plantation where he hid out in the nearby woods. He taken his own life by ingesting poison and died within a week. He was buried in the Beechland Cemetery near Port Gibson, Mississippi. Emily remained on the plantation in Claiborne County with most of her children during and well after the War of 61’.

During the Civil War, George Leigh, the eldest son, served as Sgt. Major in Co A, Wirt Adam’s 1st Mississippi Cavalry. He enlisted with the unit in Tensas Parish, Louisiana. He fought gallantly during the War and fell to his death in the Battle of Britton’s Lane near Denmark, Tennessee on September 1 1862. He was listed on a monument erected near the Britton’s Lane engagement to the two Mississippi Warriors who died there.

In later years the monument has been broken with the desecrated top portion with George Leigh’s name gone.


Baveria Investment was created in 1997, it was the result escition process of Grupo Empresarial Bavaria to permit this entity to exclusively focus on the production and sale of beer and other beverages. Independently, Valores Bavaria opted to dedicate on the investment of other industries.

On November 2004, the company adopted of a new name, Valórem, which represents its position witha new image and label in order to face future challenges and as a result to strengthen its patrimony.


The Group’s principal activity is managing local and foreign investment portfolio. Its holdings are focused on the Industrial, Media Communications and Services sectors. Industrial companies include: Biofilm SA, which is dedicated in producing bio-oriented film from polypropylene used in flexible packaging, adhesives, labels and graphic arts; and Refocosta, which is focused on the development of corporate activities relating to reforestation, research, planting, maintenance, exploration and logging for wood commercialization. Media Communication companies include: Caracol Television SA, which is a private channel whose principal activity is to transmit and produce informative, journalistic, humoristic and drama programs; and Wgen-TV, which is a company held by Caracol TV operating in Florida. Lastly, the Services companies include: Almagran, provides warehousing services and transport; and Dasigno SA, which provides IT design, development and implementation.

Pizza Lucé

Pizza Lucé (pronounced LOO-chay) is a small pizza chain in Minnesota. They are known for unique pizza combinations and their funky atmosphere. Pizza Lucé was one of the first restaurants in Minneapolis to hire employees with tattoos and piercings. This fact has been popularized by the local media. Pizza Lucé was started by a former delivery driver named Joe Baier. The first location was opened in 1993. The Duluth location also operates as a music venue.


  • Minneapolis – Downtown (opened 1993)
  • Minneapolis – Uptown/Lyn-Lake (opened 1999)
  • Duluth (opened 2001)
  • Minneapolis – Seward/University (opened 2004)
  • Saint Paul (opened 2006)

Michael Ryan Lawrence

Michael Ryan Lawrence, (born May 15, 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American filmmaker, writer/director. He is also the founder of Philly Philms, a California based film production company producing short films and music videos.


  • LOST DOG- A short film about a man and his hot dog. Written and directed by Michael as his first film at The Los Angeles Film School.
  • TIME TO STAND UP – Written and directed by Michael Ryan Lawrence, Time To Stand Up is the story of a hopeful Comedian, whose dead-end office job motivates his day dreams to create an opposite perfect day.
  • SUPER-8 – Directed by Michael Ryan Lawrence, written by himself and Lindsey Washburn. Super-8 is the story of SUPER-8, a superhero whose good work lies in the hopes of protecting the world from its bad movies. When Super-8’s life crashes into the life of a regular guy, he unconsciously creates his anti-hero SUPER-FAKE who with a Super-8 uniform of his own, begins to undo the good work of SUPER-8 in hysterical fashion.
  • JACK IN THE BOX – Written and directed by Michael Ryan Lawrence, is a story of Trey Murphy, a film student whom Hollywood continues to turn down his thesis script. In a last ditch effort to make his movie and get into some film festivals, Trey and his classmates kidnap Jack Nicholson in hopes of convincing him to star in his thesis film. The Los Angeles Lakers playoff game the following night is more than enough motivation for Jack to help, so long as they let him out of the box they’re keeping him in.

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The sweet songs of decay

The Sweet Songs Of Decay is the fourth full length studio album by the New York based singer-songwriter Frank Bango, released on July 22, 2008 by Sincere Recordings, Bango’s own label. Bango co-wrote all the songs with songwriter Richy Vesecky. Bango was diagnosed with cancer the day after finishing the recording.


  1. “You Always Begin By Saying Goodbye” – 3:13
  2. “Summerdress” – 3:52
  3. “Worm Was Wood” – 3:48
  4. “Angela Eagleton” – 3:39
  5. “Bunny In A Bunny Suit” – 3:25
  6. “I Saw The Size Of The World” – 4:27
  7. “She’ll Miss The Spider” – 2:40
  8. “Napoleon Again” – 4:24
  9. “Don’t Be A Shy Nurse” – 1:46
  10. “International Sign For Sorry” – 3:28
  11. “If A Plane Goes Down” – 3:37
  12. “What This Place Needs” – 3:27
  13. “Gardenvariety” – 3:04

University of Waterloo Physics Undergraduate Club

The University of Waterloo Physics Undergraduate Club (PhysClub) is an academic club at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

PhysClub exists to Physclub Constitution, The Physics Undergraduate Club Constutution:

  • Initiate, encourage and support social and academic activities within the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Waterloo.
  • Promote interest and a positive image of the field of physics as a whole and as individuals, both within and outside of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Waterloo.
  • Promote the interests and welfare of the undergraduate body of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Waterloo.
  • Fulfill the above in an ethical manner emphasizing inclusion (regardless of gender, race, year of study, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or creed), and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Science Society of the University of Waterloo, the Federation of Students of the University of Waterloo, the University of Waterloo, and the governments of Waterloo, Ontario and Canada.

Malena Teves

Malena Ariel Teves was born on June 19, 1982. She started playing the violin in 4th grade. At 15, she won a tri-state opera competition by singing Adele’s Laughing Song from “Die Fledermaus” and started Modeling in Los Angeles. She later worked in New York and Europe modeling.

In 2004, she co-hosted the FOX TV show 13 Nights of Fright with Neil Gaiman.

In February 2005 Neil Gaiman’s assistant, Lorraine Garland asked her to sing on her album, Mirror Mirror. Alter Ego Couture asked Malena to be their spokesmodel which later resulted in Malena’s own self titled high fashion leather line.

In 2006, Malena began working with Chris Ewen on his music project, “The Hidden Variable”. Many famous authors contributed lyrics to the album including:


In 2007, Kimberly Butler directed The Hidden Variable’s first music video, “Kindermarchen”, a song written by Gregory Maguire, the author of “Wicked”.

Global Environmental Flows Network

The idea of the Network emerged in 2005 through the discussions between specialists from IUCN, IWMI, DHI, Delft Hydraulics and SIWI. In June 2006, the representatives of these organizations together with those from The Nature Conservancy (TNC, Washington), Swedish Water House and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH, UK) met at IUCN HQ in Gland, Switzerland to discuss the logistics of the Seminar at the World Water Week in Stockholm in August, where the idea of the Network was first presented.

The overall goal of the Global Environmental Flows Network (eflownet) is to integrate Environmental Flows (eflows) into standard practices for the management and use of river basins. In order to do so, their goals are to:

  1. facilitate communication, capacity building and education to expand the recognition and adoption of eflows globally.
  2. lift the eflows concept out of technocratic and academic circles and make it accessible to managers in river basins, policy makers, NGOs, governmental and international agencies, local communities and the wider public.
  3. bridge the gap between science, policy and implementation by encouraging a broad dialogue on putting eflows into practise

Bay Area Asian Unity

Bay Area Asian Unity (BAAU) is a student-run organization founded by Mingbo Gong(Pinewood School Class 2010) and Jinjing Cheng(Los Altos High School 2010) in June 2008.

The Bay Area Asian Unity was created to bring all Bay Area high school Asian based clubs together. In BAAU we work together to help the third world countries by our own effect. We would also like to introduce and bring Asian cultures into American high schools and community so more people will understand the other side of the world better.

At All Cost

At All Cost is an experimental metalcore band from Austin, Texas. Their first album, entitled “It’s time to decide” was released in 2005 with Combat Records and this led to them being signed by Century Media on March 21st, 2007. They are known for experimenting with the use of a vocoder in some of their more recent tracks, as demonstrated in their recent South By Southwest live performance at Red 7 in Austin. Their latest album is “Circle of Demons” and it came out on July 31, 2007.


  • The Streets Are Alive (2004)
  • It’s Time to Decide (2005)
  • Circle of Demons (2007)

The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones is a Seattle, Washington based indie rock collective with members located across the country. Core members include John Totten (vocals, bass), David Totten (guitar), Chris
Totten (drums, keyboard), and Mason Neely (production, drums, keyboard). The group began in 2001 in Knoxville, TN, by John Totten with help from Neely. They were joined by Totten’s brothers, as
well as friend Ryan Dixon for the first album, Your Inner Ear, released in 2004 on In Advance Records. The follow-up, Your Inner Ear Vol. 2, came out later that year. Via Firefly Sessions, the Nite You Surprised Me EP was released in summer 2006, even after Neely had moved to Boston. Meanwhile, the Totten brothers moved to Seattle and maintained contact with Neely by sending tracks through the mail.

The bands sound covers a wide variety of sounds including indie rock, French pop, alt-country, classic rock, punk, krautrock, pop, space rock, folk, noise, found sound, instrumental rock, art rock, psychadelic, power pop, chamber pop, Brit pop, Americana, and experimental rock. Their myspace lists their influences as The Beatles, The Who, Can, John Fahey, Television, The Elephant Six Collective, Smog, Trans Am, Bob Dylan, Guided By Voices, Wilco, Lambchop, Big Star, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Silver Jews, Stereolab, The Glands, The Kinks, Neil Young, Pavement, Steely Dan, and Jim O’Rourke.

In 2007, The Quiet Ones added drummer Baine Craft and bassist John Herman to their
lineup. This was while recording their next full length, Better Walk Than Ride Like That, a title that came from a post card singer John Totten received from Silver Jews David Berman.

In 2008, The Quiet Ones supported Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Elf Power, French Kicks, and Two Gallants.

In 2008, In Advance Records released the seven inch Sound Of Fog featuring two songs from Better Walk Than Ride Like That and a song recorded live at Seattle radio station KEXP.

The Colmination

With its launch in February 2005, The Colmination is one of the first to be delivered via Podcast. The show’s host, Colm, believes that podcasting is the future of radio and wishes to be there when it takes over. The Colmination boasts the musings of Colm, most often accompanied by a vodka & tonic, and his stable of co-hosts as they wax philosophical on politics, sports, videogames, technology, top-5s, movies, and other day-to-day observations peppered with the occasional prank.

The year 2005 brought podcasting to the internet, and listeners know what’s in store when they hear the now-famous, “You are now entering…The Colmination!” Colm is most often sidekicked by his good friend and fellow trance/gaming/wacky-voice enthusiast, Todd. The T. O. Double D. brings a burst of energy and a small tinge of racism and vulgarity to the show, but only with the understanding that it’s all in good fun. The second-most familiar of Colm’s co-hosts is Markham. Markham leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to understand the world, and in effect, bring it into harmony. He is schooled in the Taoist philosophy and is an accomplished Renaissance finger painter. The lovely Alissa is everyone’s favorite female podcaster. She keeps Colm in line and always has great gross medical stories.

Many other co-hosts have graced the airwaves and shed light on the world in which we live. Some of these guests host their own podcasts, most of which are part of the podcasting horde known as the n.W.p. (new WORLD podcasts) — a group founded by the creators of the Colmination.

Many worlds have collided and many moons passed and will continue to pass, but no observation escapes the ever-vigilant, ever-watchful eye of The Colmination.


Hometaping are an Greek synthpop duo who came to prominence in the late 1990s. They consist of vocalist Aris Siafas and Nikos Aima on synthesizers. Lyrics by the duo often focused on love, Death, as well as suicide and murder. The duo has released two CDs, Hometaping Are Killing Music, The B Sides and one Vinyl EP The Homemade EP . They also apear on many electronica compilations.


  • Homemade E.P. Pop Art Records (2001)
  • Hometaping Are Killing Music Pop Art Records(2002)
  • The B’ Sides Rubber Records(2004)


Sightward was a software startup from Bellevue, Washington that developed predictive analytics software and services that provided marketers the intelligence to maximize profitability from online and offline initiatives by predicting customer response. The Sightward solution, available as either an outsourced service or licensed product, delivered the power of predictive science to marketers in all industries, particularly data intensive retail, financial services and telecommunications environments.

Sightward was founded in 1999 and collapsed in 2003. Its previous name was Applied Inference.

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is a lifestyle retailer that offers furniture and accessories for home and office uses in over 67 stores nationwide. It is a private company which started in 1979 by the Zeiden brothers and their sister Carole. They opened a poster shop in Sherman Oaks, CA and completed customer orders for framing inside their parents’ garage at night.

Z Gallerie operates in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia

The Papsmears

The Papsmears are a four-piece, all girl punk band from Gimli, Manitoba. The band consists of Terra Stevenson (lead vocals), fraternal twin sisters Jodi Dunlop (Drums) and Jordan Dunlop (Lead Guitar), and Fiona Axelsson (Bass, Backup Vocals). They are currently working on their second studio EP as a follow up to their 2007 release Love Chords.

Early Years
The band was first formed in 2002 by the Dunlop sisters and bassist Axelsson, under the name “Forward”, when the 3 girls were all aged 12, only in Grade 7. They had no vocalist at the time and none of the girls wanted to sing, so they remained an instrumental group for a period of time. In 2006 the group was renamed The Papsmears with the addition of vocalist Laurie Lamb. Axelsson said in 2008 in an interview “How we knew about Pap smears in eighth grade I don’t know,”

Love Chords
In April of 2007, the girls went into the studio with world famous studio engineer Ron Obvious. Over the period of two months, The Paps recorded a total of 4 songs at the “Aspire Theatre” and The Dressing Room Studio for their debut EP, Love Chords. The CD was released at a party at the Aspire Theatre in Gimli over two nights, the first night being mostly for a more adult crowd, and the second night being for a younger, generally 25 and under crowd that was much more rowdy. The girls had special permission from many bar and club owners as well as their parents to start playing shows in 18+ establishments around Manitoba, mostly in the city of Winnipeg. They gained popularity quickly and grew a cult following, especially in the Interlake area where the were based.

Vocalist Change/Second EP
Near the end of the year 2007, the band parted ways with singer Laurie Lamb, citing musical differences as the problem. The Papsmears quickly found a new frontwoman in the form of Terra Stevenson, a singer from Winnipeg with several credits to her name, including a successful audition on Canadian Idol which lead her to the second round. Joining the band was a welcome change for Terra, who has been noted as saying she was tired of being in bands with guys because girls were so much neater and more organized. The band is currently in the process of their second EP, once again with Ron Obvious as their producer. Currently the EP is unnamed, but Axelsson hinted in a recent interview that the band was leaning towards calling it “One More Time Girls”, which is also one of the known track names.


  • Love Chords – July 12, 2007 (independently released)
  • The Papsmears Second EP – still unreleased, presumably in the summer of 2008

Michael Cuenca

Mike Cuenca (born September 29 1982 in Westminster, California) is a musician, actor, writer and no budget film director.

Often credited under the alias Mike Zero, Cuenca is the sole member of the minimalist post-punk project, The Esoterics and former lead songwriter/vocalist for self-destructive, Los Angeles-based gloom rockers The Lips (of Celia Moore).

Although he features many of his friends’ bands and music projects on his soundtracks, Cuenca chooses to score his own films.

Feature Films

  1. Scenes From Oblivion (2009) – Writer/Director/Actor/Co-Editor
  2. The Odium for Ardor (2010) – Writer/Director/Actor/Editor


Cities mentioned in this Post: Westminster, Los Angeles
Countries mentioned in this Post: United States

One Week At A Time

It’s now officially Saturday and on 1116SEN it’s time for ‘One Week At A Time’ with your hosts Mark Franklin and Luke Mather. Currently airing every Saturday evening (Midnight to 3am) ‘One Week At A Time’ is a revolutionary and fun sports talkback show on SEN 1116 Sports Radio in Melbourne, Australia.

Talkback, SMS, Games, Interviews, Guests, Trivia, Emails, Debate, Discussion and Opinions Galore. Covering all sports with a light-hearted and opinionated perspective. Segments include ‘The Percentage Game’, ‘The Treasure Hunt’, ‘Dead or Alive’, ‘Fire Up Franka’, ‘Sports Movie Reviews’, ‘Word Association’, ‘Look-a-Likes’ and ‘Team America’.

There’s also regular contributions from special live studio guests Lynden McGregor, James Wiloughby, Stef Paoli, Steve Woodley, and Amanda Muzslai.

During the Summer months, OWAAT gives listeners the chance to win some great prizes as part of the original ‘Saturday Streak’, (“we’re going streaking”) the world’s only radio quiz that gives listeners the chance to have the quiz named after them!

The hosts of the show often find themselves discussing and referring to pop culture mediums like the music industry, films and TV – from their perspective as fans and self proclaimed critics. Some favourites including ‘Entourage’, ‘The Program’, ‘Hilltop Hoods’ and the infamously easy-target ‘Britney Spears’!

Also it has eventuated that OWAAT is now one of the world’s rare media formats to proudly include indepth discussion of the online soccer management game called Hattrick. Mark and Luke are huge supporters of the game and have transformed many of their listeners into HT Managers. You can catch many HT related content and downloadable HT interviews via the OWAAT website (see below).

The show was initially produced by David Ciampa until Luke O’Brien steered the ship. More recently it is Amanda Muzslai in the Producer’s chair. You can catch up with all the OWAAT goings on 24/7 via the show’s informative website Sports Opinions Galore.

So be sure to join in on the fun as the boys help you to take things one week at a time!


Cities mentioned in this Post: Melbourne
Countries mentioned in this Post: Australia

Alex Pepper

Alex Pepper (or “Red Hot Alex Pepper” as he used to call himself) is UK based Radio presenter who has presented for stations in Yorkshire. Pepper has worked for Minster FM, Kiss 105, Galaxy 105 & Radio Aire. At Radio Aire Alex presented a show with co-presenter Liz Whitaker.

His dance music based programme “Floorfillers” was broadcast from the 96.3 Radio Aire studios in Leeds to Viking FM & Hallam FM as well.

Cities mentioned in this Post: Leeds, Viking
Countries mentioned in this Post: United Kingdom

Nina de Roy

Nina de Roy is the Stocks Editor of Bloomberg Television (UK). She studied at the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine in London and graduated with a BSc in Biological Sciences. She also has Masters degree in Economics at Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan.

Nina began her career at The Associated Press, Dow Jones & Co. and the Financial Times before joining Bloomberg in 2001. Currently she is the host of Bloomberg Television’s ‘Emerging Markets’, a rotating anchor on ‘European Market Countdown’, a reporter on ‘Focus’ and ‘For the Record’ and the anchor on ‘Bloomberg Business Report’ for British Airways.


Cities mentioned in this Post: London, Milan
Countries mentioned in this Post: Italy, United Kingdom

International Training Centre of the ILO

The International Labour Organization and the Italian Government established the International Training Centre in 1964 in Turin, Italy, as an advanced vocational training institute. It has since matured into a focal point for high-level in-service training. This takes place in Turin, in course participants’ home countries or via the Internet.

The Centre provides training and related services that develop human resources and institutional capabilities. Thereby the Centre contributes to achieving the ILO’s goal of decent work for women and men.


Cities mentioned in this Post: Turin
Countries mentioned in this Post: Italy

Butterfly Messiah

Butterfly Messiah was an electropop band from Tampa, Florida, that was formed in 1998. The band was discontinued in 2005. Robert and Shannon have since radically improved their musical interests and moved on to form a new psychedelic/mod band called The Seahorse Orchestra. Joshua Harrington has gone on to join post-rock band Petrograd in Transit as well as continuing his solo career.


  • Shannon Lyn Garson- Vocals, Synths, Guitar, Misc. Instruments, Lyrics
  • Robert Davis- Synths, Backing Vocals & Vocoder, Misc. Instruments, Arrangement, Production
  • Joshua Harrington- Synths, Programming, Arrangement


  • Spiderwebs- Demo- 1998
  • Synthesis EP- Demo- 2000
  • Priestess- Full Length- 2000- Fossil Dungeon label
  • It’s Time- Single- 2002
  • Eternal- Full Length- 2004


Cities mentioned in this Post: Tampa
Countries mentioned in this Post: United States

Marvin Scott Jarrett

Marvin Scott Jarrett, Founder of Ray Gun magazine and Co-founder of Nylon magazine. His risk taking, extremely cutting edge philosophy towards editorial choices and graphic imagery is generally considered to have been highly influential to what the traditional media termed “Generation X”. The sister publication to Ray Gun (which was primarily focused on alternative music) was Bikini Magazine, an unconventional 10″ x 10″ sized style, fashion, and pop culture magazine.

The claim to fame for Bikinis launch in 1993 was the publication of an artistic nude pictorial featuring Alyssa Milano. This causing a bit of a stir as she was only just recently left her stint as the child character on ’80s sitcom Who’s the Boss?.

Recently he directed a documentary film for the band Good Charlotte called Fast Future Generation. He also directed a music video for the band’s song, “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”.

Cities mentioned in this Post: Charlotte

Sharat Chandra

Sharat Chandra is an emerging Bollywood film director. His passion for film making drove him to learn the craft of Film Direction under Prayag Raaj at Digital Academy, The Film School. His first film, Oh No, received a lot of recognition and was also telecast on NDTV. He has worked on a project named ‘Mahadev’ with veteran Film maker Shyam Benegal which is likely to be produced in the near future. The concept of ‘Mercy Killing’or Euthanasia inspired him to make the film Freedom of Life which acquired a lot of appreciation amongst critics and audiences. The Film was showcased at the short film corner at the Cannes Film Festival.His latest directorial venture is Raas Leela, a story about a painter and his muse.

F-Zero GX/AX Original Soundtrack

F-Zero GX/AX Original Soundtracks is the video game music soundtrack album from the futuristic racing games F-Zero GX for the Nintendo GameCube video game console and F-Zero AX for the arcade developed by Sega and produced by Nintendo.
The album contains musical tracks from the game composed and produced by Hidenori Shoji, Daiki Kasho, Alan Brey. Ayako Saso arranged a Big Blue track. It was released on July 22,2004 in Japan by Scitron Digital Content bearing the catalogue number SCDC-00358.
The soundtrack is made out of two discs with eighty-two tracks in total.

Countries mentioned in this Post: Japan

Yukon ho!

Yukon Ho! is a rock, jazz, dub, indie, post-rock band based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. They started as a 2-piece with guitarist TJ Friga and drummer Chad Dennis. In January 2005, they added the next three members Andrew Schiller on bass, Jon (Peaches) Speak on trombone, and Chris Joseph on alto saxophone. They have released one full length record, Don’t Even Worry About It in 2006 and released a more noticeable EP entitled Fu Inlè in 2007.

They are currently working on a new 10 song LP that is rumored to be due around November 2008.


  • Dont Even Worry About It (2006)
  • Fu Inlè (2007)
Cities mentioned in this Post: Scottsdale
Countries mentioned in this Post: United States